Foundation Repair Inspections

Looking for a foundation inspection in the Dallas / Fort Worth area?

Meet our affiliate foundation repair inspection company, Foundation Inspections, LP.

They provide a house foundation inspection for new foundations and repairs to existing concrete slab foundations.  By coordinating with Foundation Inspections, Advanced is able to offer seamless service to its customers.  This means that Advanced is able to give you the complete and timely service that our reputation is based on.

P.O. Box 211066
Dallas, Texas 75211
Phone: 214-337-5747
Fax: 214-758-0684

What You Can Expect

Included in your foundation inspection in Fort Worth is an elevation survey and contour diagram. Structural reports are done with a 24-hour turn around.

The elevation survey measures your foundation to see how flat it is. When done in conjunction with a structural inspection, we can find out if your foundation has moved up or down. Elevation surveys are an important tool when deciding whether or not a home needs slab foundation repair.

Included in your House Foundation Inspection:

  1. Drawing of your foundation to scale
  2. Exterior drainage inspection
  3. Exterior damage inspection
  4. Review of vegetation
  5. Interior floor plan
  6. Interior damage inspection
  7. Elevation survey

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