Foundation Repair Methods

Advanced Foundation Repair Methods

Advanced Foundation uses a variety of foundation repair methods. Each has a special use where it provides the solution needed.

Advanced Foundation Repair Patented Pro-Lift System

The Pro-Lift System is a proven, powerful, and permanent solution for foundation repairs. The Pro-Lift System uses the latest technology and the best method at every step of the foundation repair process.

Concrete Piers

Used for homes and light commercial buildings, concrete piers are concrete columns that are formed by pouring liquid concrete into holes drilled into the ground.

Concrete Pilings

Used for homes and light commercial buildings. Concrete pilings are concrete columns that are  pushed into the ground under a foundation.

Steel Pilings

Learn how they work and where they are used.

Mudjacking / Slabjacking

Mudjacking or Slabjacking is the process of lifting a building, driveway, or any object by pumping concrete (known as mud to people who work with it) underneath the item to be lifted.  Different types of concrete can be used.

Soil Injection

Non-toxic, water soluble chemicals (potassium ions and ammonium salts) are injected into the ground under your building. These chemicals inhibit your soil’s ability to absorb water so that when it rains your soils do not swell up.

Root Barriers

Root barriers can be solid objects, sheets of material, zones of chemically treated soil (typically, the chemicals come in the form of pellets that are attached to a fabric) or any other barrier that keeps roots from growing into areas where they are not wanted.

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