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Advanced Foundation Repair – Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Advanced Foundation Repair delivers a better lift for a lifetime. Our precise assessment of your foundation leads to the right repair in the right area of your home.

As the leader in Texas foundation repair, we back up our steel and concrete pilings with a lifetime warranty that stands apart from the competition. Plus we back all warranties with the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust.

A True Lifetime Warranty Versus Limited Lifetime Warranty

Foundation repair warranties are not the same.

Most foundation repair companies in Texas offer a “limited” lifetime warranty on their concrete or steel pilings. A limited warranty covers far less than customers expect. These warranties often require the customer to pay for most of the cost of a warranty adjustment after only 1, 5 or 10 years.

Unlike our competitors, the Advanced lifetime warranty is not a limited lifetime warranty; and yes, it can be transferred to the new owner when you sell your home.

Our Warranties Are Up Front

There is nothing hidden about our warranties. You have read about our true lifetime warranty. Our other services include warranties that match or beat the competition. And each Advanced Foundation Repair Warranty is clearly displayed in full size print on page one of our contract.

Texas Foundation Warranty Trust

More than 500 north Texas foundation repair companies have gone out of business over the past 25 years; voiding hundreds of thousands of lifetime warranties.Since 1993, Advanced Foundation Repair has participated in the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust.  The trust provides additional confidence to our customers that warranty service will be provided.

The Texas Foundation Warranty Trust is an irrevocable trust. The purpose of the trust is to cover a contractor’s warranty obligations if the contractor goes out of business.  The contractor has no access to the funds in the account. Claims against the trust are only considered for if the contractor has gone out of business.

Ask About Their Warranty, Then Call Advanced Foundation Repair

Any warranty for foundation repair offered by a contractor should be in writing. The warranty must state what rights it gives you in clear language. If the warranty is valid for an extended period of time, verify that the contractor has made provisions to ensure the warranty will be honored.  You need warranty services, even if the company no longer exists. If the contractor goes out of business, money needs to have been set aside to cover the cost of future warranty claims.

Warranty trusts take care of future needs. You can contact the trustee about the size of the trust, verify that the money in the trust can only be used for warranty claims, and confirm the contractor cannot withdraw the money for any reason.

If your contractor claims insurance will cover this requirement, make sure that there is no continuing requirement to make premium payments. Most insurance policies stop coverage when premium payments stop.

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