Commercial Foundation Repair in Texas


Why choose Advanced Foundation Repair, LP for commercial foundation repair?

Considering commercial foundation repair – Most foundation repair companies only have experience working on single family residential structures. At Advanced we have successfully supported a wide variety of commercial and industrial structures. Examples include underpinning the building foundation under the bottling machine at soft drink bottler, supporting the slabs under hoppers and mixing equipment for concrete plants, and underpinning tilt wall panels up to 30 feet tall.

Advanced has also lifted a 10,000 square foot church, including the 4 story steeple, and a mausoleum, a 20 foot tall statue in the Houston arts district. Advanced can devise cost effective solutions. In one case, Advanced was asked to provide a repair plan on a suspended structural steel foundation. The cost to cut out and replace the existing drilled piers, would have approached $1,000,000. Advanced designed a plan to cut off the existing piers and mount screw jacks on top of the piers. The building, which had been heaving, was successfully lowered into a level position, using the existing supports, at a cost of less than $200,000. Advanced will do all of this for you.

Make sure to choose a company that has experience in working with commercial property owners and managers, that knows how to clearly explain the commercial foundation repair process, and can explain the expected results. You want a company that has a record of success, that is a recognized leader, that can provide a superior warranty, and that has the financial strength to support its warranty.

What Advanced Does For You

When we come to your buildings we will go through the following process:

  • We will ask you to explain your concerns to us.
  • We will ask you for copies of the structural plans for your building. If you do not have plans, we may need to do some exploratory testing and excavation to determine how your building was constructed.
  • We will prepare a scale diagram of your foundation. We will use a tape measure and lasers, so that are measurements are accurate. We will not estimate distances by “stepping off” measurements, nor will we use any other technique for estimating distances.
  • We will take notes on your drainage.
  • We will take notes on relevant vegetation.
  • We will note relevant exterior cosmetic damage.
  • If applicable, we will then come inside and draw off your floor plan.
  • We will note the locations and nature of relevant of interior cosmetic damage.
  • We will then take an elevation survey of your structure using a Technidea Zip Level.
  • Using the elevation data, we will prepare a contour diagram of your foundation.
  • We will then integrate all of the information that we have collected, analyze it, and make recommendations to you. The recommendations will take into account your concerns as well as the actual physical condition of your structure.
  • As a final step, we will explain all of our findings and recommendations to you.

Our goal is to provide you with as complete an analysis and explanation as possible. We want you to understand what is happening and what we can do to help you.

Advanced Foundation Repair has all of this and more!

Using the years of refined information in our training program, our estimators receive the most comprehensive training available. Over the years, Advanced has been granted 6 patents relating to foundation repair. The patents cover different aspects of the techniques used by Advanced and help to ensure that Advanced has the best technology available. We are continually researching and pushing the edged on foundation repair so that you have the most advanced repairs available for your buildings.

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