Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

What Is Pier & Beam Foundation Repair?

There are two main types of foundations that a home or building may be built on: “slab” or “pier and beam”.  The term “Pier and Beam” refers to a foundation where the interior is constructed of parallel wooden beams elevated atop piers or blocks.  The perimeter consists of a concrete wall.  This method provides greater stability to your home by allowing the weight to be distributed more evenly among the various piers and beams.

Pier & Beam Foundation RepairIdentifying Pier & Beam Issues

Advanced Foundation Repair has been repairing pier and beam structural problems in Dallas for over 100 years.  We have identified the cause of failures in these types of “understructures” which are instantly noticed when cracks begin to form on the interior walls of your home, doors no longer close and open with ease due to gaps in the frame, and windows begin to stick.  The most obvious signs are when floors are sinking, starting to bow, or sloping.

The wood understructure is supported at various points and shims are used to adjust the subfloor, so all points are similar in elevation to the other areas of support. Periodic “re-shimming” is needed as supports move with soil changes and wood materials shrink or swell.

Causes of Pier & Beam Foundation Problems

One of the biggest causes of any kind of structural damage is moisture.  Moisture is known to create the perfect breeding ground and home for critters like termites and destructive organisms such as fungus and mold which can damage the pier and beam support structure of your foundation.   Another common cause of structural damage to your foundation support structure is a poor initial design or inadequate repair process of another company.  When soil begins to sink in multiple directions foundation footers will move, causing additional damage.

Regarding pier and beam foundation problems the cause is often as simple as wood which has become worn and rotten due to an excessive amount of mold or fungus growth and is in need of replacement or improved ventilation.  Vents can be added to help reduce moisture build up and control the humidity levels in the crawl space.

Certified Professionals 

When making pier and beam foundation repairs in Dallas, always opt for experienced company.  Inexperienced companies may simply add in extra supports to existing deteriorating wood beams, which can lead to your home’s load not being distributed properly resulting in harm to its structural integrity.  Our in-house specialized teams have years of training using the highest quality patented prolife products.

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