The Most Precise Inspection

The Most Precise Foundation Inspection for Your Home – Only Advanced Foundation Repair

The Foundation is most important to the structural integrity of your home. It is possible for one corner of a home to show signs early on while another part of a home may show significant movement years later. Early detection of foundation settling from our foundation repair contactors in Dallas can reduce the cost of later repairs.

Precision Makes A Better Inspection

Others collect data and then guess. Foundation Inspection Fort WorthAdvanced Foundation Repair is the only foundation inspection company that creates a SLOPE MAP of elevation readings and then finds the TARGET LINE that will return your home to standards defined and by the Foundation Repair Association.

During the inspection, we will measure and create a detailed floor plan to scale for both the inside and outside of your home. We will take elevation readings. Competitors will stop here and give you an estimate, but our foundation repair contractors in Dallas will go the extra mile.

Our inspector will then create a Slope Map with contour lines showing changes in elevation. This diagram provides us and you unique detail regarding how far into the home damage is occurring and where to make the specific repairs to bring it back into tolerance.

When work is needed, we show exactly how much is needed and why. Then we back it up with the best warranty in the business.


Nobody inspects foundations in Texas the way we do!

House Foundation Inspection

The detail of our inspection process means that your inspection may take 2 hours or so. We ask that the property owner(s) be present, so we can share our findings and answer your questions.

Other foundational inspection companies will guess or tell you to trust them. We tell roughly one out of five customers that no action is required on their foundation. Plus, we routinely calibrate our equipment so that its accuracy is within 1/10th of an inch.

If repair is necessary, a repair plan and proposal will be created and presented for your consideration.

The Precise Foundation Inspection by Advanced Foundation Repair is the most detailed assessment of your home at any one point in time.

Our foundation repair contractors in Dallas save each inspection, which permits us to understand how a home may have moved over time. This information is extremely helpful in some situations; maybe yours.

A Better Inspection Makes A Better Repair

Only Advanced uses the TARGET LINE Foundation Inspectionand PRODUCT PERFORMANCE STANDARDS to properly place the right product in the right place to restore your home.

With Advanced Foundation Repair you can expect timely, respectful professionals dedicated to a proper evaluation of your home.

Our unique process and training enables our foundation repair contractors in Dallas to complete a detailed home inspection that correctly identifies whether your foundation meets industry standards; and if necessary use specific data to present a plan of repair with an explanation why each element of work is needed.

Don’t hire a foundation inspection company that tells you they know what you need. Let Advanced Foundation Repair show you exactly what work is needed and we will show you why!

Are you looking for a meaningful foundation inspection from a trusted foundation repair contractor in Dallas? Call one or two competitors and then schedule a precise inspection of your foundation with Advanced Foundation Repair; a precise inspection and a better lift, for a lifetime.

Get a Detailed Inspection!

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