Foundation Settling

Foundation Settling & Foundation ProblemsFoundation Settling

Do you see the common signs of foundation damage or foundation settling in your home? Has your home experienced seasonal movement or permanent settlement?

See our page “Do I Need Repair?” to learn the common signs of foundation damage.

A Settling Foundation

Foundation problems often appear when the soil under part of your home loses more moisture than other areas. Different types of sub soil or expansive clay under a foundation can increase the range of movement. Tree roots reaching under a home have a huge impact as the roots draw significant moisture from the soil.

When we encounter a foundation that has settled beyond the industry allowable tolerance we recommend repair.

Seasonal Foundation Movement

Seasonal movement is caused when Texas soils change from wet to dry and back again. With our precise evaluation, Advanced Foundation Repair often identifies seasonal movement in the early stages and recommends a localized repair to stop the seasonal movement that is already evident.

Stopping seasonal foundation movement and settling early on can save tens of thousands of dollars in future foundation, plumbing, wall, door, and flooring repairs. More severe foundation issues require brick, structural, and even repairs to roofing.

Is your foundation settling, heaving, or both?

One reason our precise inspection process is so valuable is our ability to determine whether your home is heaving up or settling.  Heaving is generally caused by excess soil moisture under the home and settling is generally caused by too little moisture. Yes, we often see homes with both problems. Only a detailed assessment can determine this and recommend the proper actions to correct these issues.

The many terms used for foundation damage often confuses customers. Customers ask us to stabilize or level their home foundation.  After 100 years, we still recommend no action in 1 out of 5 inspections. Request a precise inspection from Advanced Foundation Repair if you suspect your home foundation is settling. Contact us to learn more information.

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