Steel Pilings

Steel Pilings

Steel Pilings Foundation Repair Method

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Once steel pilings are in place, home leveling often starts immediately. The house leveling crew raise homes & buildings to as near a level condition as possible, pour concrete patches, replant shrubs, rake and wash the yard, and power wash all affected paved areas.

Unless interior pilings are installed, we will only need access inside your home during the leveling period to measure and monitor the raising of your slab. We will need to be provided with water, electricity, and access to your breaker box.

In some cases it is not possible to drive a steel or concrete piling. In such cases, the best alternative is often a drilled pier. To install a drill pier, we first dig a hole and expose the bottom of the grade beam. Next we drill a shaft into the ground through the bottom of our hole.

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