Need Foundation Repairs?

Do I Need Foundation Repairs/Slab Repairs?

Have you asked yourself “Do I Need Foundation Repairs”?

Found yourself wondering “Do I need foundation repairs” and wondered if you have sinking concrete / cement slab foundation problems? Does it seem that your foundation may be buckled. How can you tell? Common sense is your best guide. Look for the signs for foundation problems. If your home does not feel right, or if you are seeing damage, you may need foundation repairs. If you home feels fine and you have no visible damage, then it is very likely that your home is fine. So, what signs should you look for? Here is a simple check list that you can use to make a preliminary assessment.

  • Floors or counters are sloping. If you put a ball on the floor and it rolls off, you have slopes. Drops of an inch or so across a foundation are not a problem. Once slopes begin to exceed an inch of drop in 20 feet, they become noticeable and can become a problem.
  • Doors that stick closed or open. If a door is sticking closed because the top or the bottom of the door hits the door frame or the floor, it means that your floors are sloping, you may have a foundation problem.
  • Cracks in interior or exterior walls or ceilings such as zig-zag cracks in bricks. If you have cracks in your sheetrock or brick, there is a very good chance that your foundation is moving.

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These are the main signs of foundation movement. Whether your have a business or home, if you think your foundations have problem, call us and we will come give you a free evaluation. Ask about our Pro-Lift system!

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