Tips to Prevent Retaining Wall Failure

A retaining wall is a supportive barrier designed to prevent soil from shifting. A damaged retaining wall can become a hazard to property and human safety. Understanding the causes of retaining wall failure can help you avoid costly repairs. The following are common...

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When To Have Foundation Repair

Finding out when to have foundation repair is important. You might already notice a few cracks on your wall here or there, but you think they are nothing too big to worry about. Or perhaps you already know your home is in need of foundation repair but are unsure of...

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Slab Foundation Repair Methods

In the past, foundation repair usually meant pouring concrete. But today there are a variety of ways to repair foundations. Some repair methods are better suited for specific conditions, but each has their strength. We'll look at some of the most popular methods of...

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How To Inspect A Foundation

Whether you are buying a new home or you are looking to ensure your current home is in good condition, it's important to assure the foundation is performing as designed. There is a specific process that should always be followed by the inspection process. When you...

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