How Often Should I Check My Foundation?

A solid foundation for your home is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your house. The foundation is the protection from the decay and deterioration your home would experience if it were built directly on top of the ground on which your...

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Common Foundations in Dallas, TX

When building a home or other type of structure, the foundation type used is based on the soil in the area and what type of foundation will work best with that type of soil. Along with the local climate and soil conditions, the design of the house being...

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What is Slab Jacking?

The slabjacking process, also known as mudjacking, is a method of repairing cracked and/ or sunken, broken concrete slabs without replacing the entire slab. Slabjacking is the process of lifting a building, driveway, or any object by pumping a concrete...

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Why is My Foundation Sinking?

Why Do Foundations Sink? If your home is built on Texas soil, there are several possible reasons why your foundation might be sinking, starting with the soil itself. The dirt beneath your foundation directly affects the structural integrity of your home,...

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Tips How to Maintain a Slab Foundation

The extreme weather and type of soil in Dallas and the surrounding areas can have an effect on your home’s foundation. The soils in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area vary from well drained sandy soil to highly expansive, corrosive, soils. As drought conditions...

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