Best Options to Repair Sinking Concrete

Sinking concrete can be repaired many different ways but left alone and unaddressed it can result in costly concrete repairs to your home. If the concrete in or around your home has major cracks, has sunk dramatically, or is seriously deteriorated, you...

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Maintaining Your Home’s Foundation 101

Maintaining your home’s foundation Proper foundation maintenance is critical to the health of your home. To avoid serious structural issues, mold, mildew, water damage, sloping floors, and other costly problems, you should perform maintenance on your...

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The Benefits of Installing French Drains

One issue many homeowners face is poor drainage on their property. Improper or insufficient drainage can lead to flooding, foundation damage, weakened tree root systems, and a host of other difficulties. If you have a drainage problem and it continues over...

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7 Property Maintenance Tips

Keeping your home in excellent condition preserves not only its value but also limits the number of costly repairs you will have to do. In this post, we discuss seven property maintenance tips to help you keep your property in pristine condition. 1. Keep...

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How to Repair Bowing Foundation Walls

If a home’s foundation is not evenly supported, shifting, cracking, and bowing of foundation can occur, which can leave your home at risk and seriously affect its value. The good news is, most foundation issues can be corrected. What causes foundation...

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Why Not to Do DIY Foundation Repair?

There are a lot of DIY projects you can do around the house, but DIY foundation repair isn’t one of them! Repairing a home’s foundation is something best left to the experts. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is your personal...

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Signs of Foundation Failure

The physical foundation of your house is what forms the basis for the structural integrity and safety of your home. If your home’s foundation isn’t stabilized or has become damaged, your safety could be compromised, and your home could be at risk. How can...

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