Why is My Foundation Sinking?

Why Do Foundations Sink? If your home is built on Texas soil, there are several possible reasons why your foundation might be sinking, starting with the soil itself. The dirt beneath your foundation directly affects the structural integrity of your home,...

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Tips How to Maintain a Slab Foundation

The extreme weather and type of soil in Dallas and the surrounding areas can have an effect on your home’s foundation. The soils in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area vary from well drained sandy soil to highly expansive, corrosive, soils. As drought conditions...

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Why Concrete Piers Help Your Foundation

Strength and stability are benefits of a strong foundation. The weight of your home rests on the foundation, and the structural integrity can be maintained through a solid foundation that remains intact and in position. A strong foundation is...

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Why Do Concrete Slabs Settle?

You may have seen concrete slabs such as sidewalk sections sink and settle and wondered what caused it. The primary cause for sunken concrete is changes in the soil beneath the cement. When the soil underneath a concrete slab becomes compacted,...

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Is Foundation Repair Expensive?

Although the cost of foundation repair can be hard to determine at first glance, the cost of not fixing the foundation could be much more detrimental, especially if it results in more extensive damage to your home. Minor foundation repairs can cost as...

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