Soaker Hoses and Your Foundation

FUN FACTS:  On dry windy days, a great deal of the water sprayed out of sprinkler systems is lost to evaporation.  The loss can be as much as 20%.  Sprinklers are often set to work at night when higher humidity and lower temperatures reduce water loss to...

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How Much Foundation Movement Is Too Much?

Individuals who ask “How much foundation movement is too much” will receive a variety of answers depending on who they ask.  The answer will depend on the respondent’s vested interests and opinions about the appropriate performance standards, building...

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Summer Weather and Foundation Watering

In Texas, on average, the hottest three weeks of the year are the last week of July and the first two weeks of August.  When we get days with peak temperatures over 100 degrees, they are most often concentrated in this three week period.  Late summer...

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Why Clay Soils Shrink and Swell

To understand why soils shrink and swell, you need to understand water molecules and clay molecules. Each water molecule is made of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Each of the hydrogen atoms shares its electron with the oxygen atom. Thus, water...

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