Foundation Landscaping

5 Foundation Landscaping Tips:

Best Foundation Plants for Zone 8

Foundation Landscaping TipsNorth Texas gardeners discover foundation plants for Zone 8. Enjoy vibrant gardens that withstand drought while helping with foundation maintenance. Understand how foundation maintenance goes hand in hand with North Texas foundation landscaping while planning landscaping designs… continue >>

7 Foundation Landscaping Tips for Healthy Foundation Maintenance

Set up foundation landscaping so that it takes care of home foundation maintenance. See how taking care of foundation gardens automatically takes care of home foundations … continue >>

Foundation Watering Tips – Learn How to From the Set-Up to How Often You Should Water

DIY Foundation Watering Solutions. Follow easy to implement tips and minimize damage to your home. Learn how to water foundations and foundation maintenance diy tips… continue >>

How to Install a Foundation Drainage Swale, Design & Tips 

Often over looked and under used, drainage swales are simple and inexpensive foundation maintenance options that Advanced Foundation Repair, a foundation repair company in located in Dallas Texas, often recommends … continue >>

How to Install a Foundation French Drain System Video Released by Advanced Foundation Repair

Learn about how to install foundation drainage systems. Be prepared for when the rains come. Now is the time to review the drainage around the foundation. Proper foundation drainage helps prevent foundation problems. Cracked foundations are costly to fix while foundation drainage is a cheap and easy way to prevent foundation problems… continue >>

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