Slab Foundation Repair

Why is Slab Foundation Repair Important?

Slab foundation repair is often necessary, especially in North Texas.  Most homes in North Texas less than 50 years old, are built on a slab foundation — a flat, thick layer of concrete.  Slabs are typically poured directly onto the ground and do not have basements or crawlspaces.  They are designed to have a grade beam under the perimeter of the slab, and grade beams through the interior of the slab, making the foundation much stronger and durable.  A grade beam is a thickened section of a slab, which is generally 24” to 30” thick.

Despite being a good foundation method for homes, the risks of settlement due to certain environmental factors including moisture remain.  If you notice warning signs of slab settlement such as cracks beginning to form in the walls and floors, the best solution is to call Advanced Foundation Repair for a FREE inspection.

Causes of Concrete Slab Foundation Settlement

Concrete slab foundations in Texas often settle over time, which can cause major problems and possible property damage to your home.  Damage is most commonly caused by drying soils.  Soils can dry out because of droughts or growing trees.  Warning signs of a compromised foundation such as cracks in floors and walls are typically caused by the movement of the soil underneath your foundation.  Homes in DFW are built upon expansive clay soils which are extremely susceptible to seasonal changes.

Other warning signs of foundation problems include gaps between the floorboards and feeling as if your house is leaning.  Keep an eye out for exterior brick cracks (often called “step cracks” due to the crack pattern), separation of exterior trim, sheet rock cracks, loose tile, or sloping floors.  If you start to notice any of these warning signs, call the experts at Advanced Foundation Repair.

Slab Foundation Repair Professionals

There are number of ways to repair a slab foundation in Texas.  The most common systems used to repair slab foundations are drilled piers, concrete piers, steel piers and mud jacking.  When making repairs to your home’s foundation, always choose a professional who is knowledgeable on the soils in Texas and what methods work best for your area.   A professional foundation repair company should consider all applicable variables including the soil type, drainage, age of home, size and weight of home, and signs of stress.   Confident in our process, we offer a lifetime warranty on our work at Advanced Foundation Repair.

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