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What Makes Residential Foundation Repair Special?

Home Foundation Repair DallasYou! You spend more time at your home than anywhere else. Your home is where you live, as well as being an important financial asset. So you want to choose a residential foundation repair company that has decades of experience.

When we come to your home we will go through the following process:

  • We will ask you to explain your concerns to us.
  • We will prepare a scale diagram of your foundation. We will use a tape measure, so that are measurements are accurate. We will not estimate distances by “stepping off” the side of your home, nor will we use any other technique for estimating distances.
  • We will take notes on your drainage.
  • We will take notes on relevant vegetation.
  • We will note relevant exterior cosmetic damage.
  • We will then come inside and draw off your floor plan.
  • We will note the locations and nature of relevant of interior cosmetic damage.
  • We will then take an elevation survey of your home using a Technidea Zip Level.
  • Using the elevation data, we will prepare a contour diagram of your foundation.
  • We will then integrate all of the information that we have collected, analyze it, and make recommendations to you. The recommendations will take into account your concerns as well as the actual physical condition of your home.
  • As a final step, we will explain all of our findings and recommendations to you.

Our goal is to provide you with as complete an analysis and explanation as possible. We want you to understand what is happening to your home and what we can do to help you.

Get answers to your residential foundation repair questions:

  • What causes foundation failures?
  • What are the signs for foundation problems?
  • What does is cost and how to the price for repairs?
  • How are foundation repairs done and what are the types of techniques and options?
  • What are foundation issues and how can you prevent them for after all prevention is always the first track to take?
  • Is there specifics on concrete slab foundations vs other types?
  • When is foundation repair necessary?
  • What are the lasting benefits of foundation repair?

Advanced Foundation Repair has all this and more!

Using the years of refined information in our training program, our estimators receive the most comprehensive training available.

Over the years, Advanced has been granted 6 patents relating to foundation repair. The patents cover different aspects of the techniques used by Advanced and help to ensure that Advanced has the best technology available. We are continually researching and pushing the edge on foundation repair so that you have the most advanced repairs available for your home.

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