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Foundation Maintenance DIY & Whitepapers

Download Foundation Maintenance DIY & Info Whitepapers

Foundation Maintenance DIY, there is a lot you can do yourself. Our whitepaper series helps you help yourself from how to’s on foundation maintenance to general repairs.

Foundation Repair Process & What to Expect Walk Through

Understand the foundation repair process and what to expect. Yes foundation repairs are a major event but prepare yourself by knowing what to expect. It eases worries, sets expectations and is a shining light at the end of the tunnel. Follow us through a full house foundation repair lift. It is the best way to highlight the process and help explain what to expect.  Click to Download >>

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing Membrane Moisture Barriers vs Concrete Vapor Barriers

Used as a foundation drainage solution, see how foundation waterproofing membrane moisture barriers can help control moisture levels around foundations. Don’t confuse a foundation waterproofing membrane moisture barrier with concrete vapor barriers.  Click to download >>

Gutter Downspout Drainage System Tips

Figure out if you need a gutter downspout drainage system, how to determine how much guttering and how many downspouts you will need and what to do and not do.  Click to download >>  

How to Install a Foundation French Drain System

Foundation French Drain System are simple to install. The supplies can be foundation at any local hardware store. Foundation French drains can be a very effective way for draining subsurface water away from a foundation.  Click to download >>

Drainage Swales Design Tips for Foundations 

Help lessen the need for foundation repairs with a drainage swale or vegetated swale. Drainage swales are easy to install shallow ditches that drain excess water away from foundations. Often over looked and under used, drainage swales are simple and inexpensive foundation maintenance option.  Click to download >>

DIY Water Leak Detection Test

This is a simple step by step water leak detection check anyone can do with leak detector equipment found at any hardware store.  Click to download >>

Pro-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair

Find out what a pile foundation repair is. See what the features and benefits of the Pro-Lift Steel Pil Foundation Repair System offers to home owners and commercial building owners.
Click to download >>

How Foundation Drainage Systems Help Prevent Foundation Problems

Be prepared for when the rains come. Now is the time to review the drainage around the foundation. Proper foundation drainage helps prevent foundation problems. Cracked foundations are costly to fix while foundation drainage is a cheap and easy way to prevent foundation problems.  Click to download >>

How to Tell if Foundation Cracks are Normal

Find out how to tell when foundation cracks are normal and when a cracking foundation is a sign that there are foundation problems. Find out what the best options are for handling problem foundation cracks.  Click to download >>

7 Foundation Landscaping Tips for Healthy Foundation Maintenance

Set up foundation landscaping so that it takes care of home foundation maintenance. See how taking care of foundation gardens automatically takes care of home foundations. Download our foundation landscaping tips and here is to a health foundation!  Click to download >>

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