Concrete Piling

Concrete Piling

Concrete PilingLooking for home foundation repair in Dallas, TX or commercial foundation repair? Advanced Foundation Repair, located in Dallas, TX, provides the services you need combined with the customer care you deserve.

What is Concrete Piling?

For residential foundation repair and light commercial buildings, A concrete piling is a concrete column that is pushed into the ground under a foundation to lift and support the foundation.

What are the Advantages of Concrete Pilings?

Concrete pilings have several advantages for home foundation repair in Dallas, TX or commercial foundation repair:

  • They are fast to install (concrete drilled piers take twice as long to install).
  • Once they are installed, they can be used right away (concrete drilled piers must harden for a week before they can be used).
  • They are lower cost than steel pilings.
  • They have a proven record of performance.

Is there a warranty?

Advanced Foundation Repair takes pride in home foundation repair in Dallas, TX. We offer a transferable lifetime warranty on concrete pilings. There are no ifs, ands, or buts; the warranty remains valid as long as it is transferred from owner to owner.

Why is the Warranty Valuable?

Advanced Foundation Repair belongs to the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust. We pay a fee to the Texas foundation Warranty Trust for every job that is completed. In exchange, the Trust backs each job for which a fee is paid. With nearly one million dollars in assets, you can rest assured the Trust is here for the long haul. If you’re searching for a dependable company to execute your home foundation repair in Dallas, TX, you’ve found your answer with Advanced Foundation Repair.

How Long Do Concrete Pilings Last?

It is simple, concrete pilings will last as long as your concrete foundation.

How are They Installed?

The installation process is simple.

  • In the case of a home foundation repair in Dallas, TX, in each location where a piling is going to be installed, a hole is dug next to the foundation. Each hole is about the size of a doormat. The holes go down 2 feet below the bottom of your foundation.
  • Next, a concrete cylinder is placed in the bottom of a hole and under the foundation.
  • A high power hydraulic ram is then placed on top of the cylinder. The ram sits on the cylinder and the top of the ram touches the bottom of the foundation.
  • The ram is activated and used to push the cylinder down into the soil. The pressure applied to the cylinder will often exceed 50,000 pound!
  • Once a cylinder is driven all the way into the ground, another cylinder is set on top of the first cylinder.
  • The two steel bars are then cemented into place.
  • The second cylinder is the pushed into the ground, driving the first cylinder before it.
  • The process is repeated until no more cylinders can be driven.
  • Finally, a cap is placed on the top of the column and two concrete cylinders are placed on top of the cap.
  • When all of the cylinders are driven, hydraulic jacks are placed on the caps and are used to lift the foundation.
  • Once the foundation is lifted, steel and concrete spacers are placed on the cap to support the foundation, and the hydraulic jacks are removed.
  • The final step is to cover the pilings and clean up.

What if I Need Pilings in My House?

Concrete pilings can be installed by cutting holes in your floor and then digging down beside the interior grade beams. Of course, this is terribly messy, and can destroy expensive tile and wood floors. An alternative is to dig tunnels under your home, and install the pilings from the tunnels. If tunnels are used to install interior pilings, you can stay in your home while the work is being done and your floors will not have holes cut in them!

How Many Pilings Has Advanced Installed?

Advanced has installed hundreds of thousands of pilings for home foundation repair in Dallas, TX and all across the state. Pilings have been installed from Amarillo to Brownsville.

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