Engineering Letter 101

Engineering Letter After Foundation Repairs

If you have chosen to invest in foundation repairs for your home, you may want evidence that these repairs have been completed.

Many cities require we open and close and permit for foundation repair. Most often oversight by an engineer is also required. Where required we generally include these fees in our proposal.

The engineer will follow up after work is completed with a letter confirming the results were achieved. This letter is forwarded to the customer two to four weeks after work is completed and final payment is received.

The Engineer Letter

An engineering letter is generally stamped by the licensed engineer and confirms the results of the intended repair plan. The letter also includes a floor plan showing the elevation changes where the repairs were completed around the home.

If you are thinking of selling your home either now or sometime in the future, this document is invaluable.

Engineer Letter versus Engineer Report

Understanding the difference between an engineering letter and an engineering report is important.

In some cases, when a property owner suspects uneven floors or the foundation is not level, an engineer is hired for the initial inspection. The engineer creates a detailed engineer report with specific recommendations for repair. The property owner then provides this document to our company for a proposal. We perform our inspection and then deliver a repair proposal for consideration.

The Engineer Letter is the document confirming foundation repairs were completed and accepted by the engineer.

Foundation Repair Engineering Letter

More On The Engineering Report

After observing uneven floors, cracked concrete, or doors that won’t close; a property owner may believe their home out of level or the foundation needs to be stabilized.  Most often they will contact Advanced Foundation Repair for a complimentary evaluation. In some cases, they will hire an engineer to complete the foundation inspection and deliver an engineering report.

In this report, the engineer will identify the problem areas, including the un-level areas of the foundation, drainage issues, and any visual foundation issues. The report may also include their conclusions to what caused the defects and the recommendations they suggest to fix the defects mentioned. Their recommendations may include a map of the property notating the specific placement of the piers and other maintenance suggestions to prevent the foundation from shifting in the future. An engineer’s report is required for most Texas cities when requesting a permit for foundation repairs. At Advanced Foundation Repair, we routinely work from such reports to create a proposal for repairs.

Once the repair work is completed, an engineering letter is provided after the final inspection of the property. The letter is forwarded to the property owner and includes the inspection details, and summarizes their findings.

Choosing AFR

Who you choose to complete foundation inspections and repairs matters. You want industry experts that have the knowledge and experience in lifting foundations or reducing foundation heaving. At Advanced Foundation Repair, we know Texas soils, and we have the foundation repair experience to get it right the first time. Our specialists will help you understand the problems with your foundation and help make the repair process as stress-free as possible. For more information on our services, the best warranty in the business, or our referral program. contact us today!

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