Pro-Lift System

The Pro-Lift System is a proven, powerful, and permanent solution for foundation repairs.

Pro-Lift SystemThe Pro-Lift System uses the latest technology and the best method at every step of the foundation repair process.

Different foundation problems require different solutions. If your foundation is only suffering from minor seasonal movement and might only need watering. If your building foundation has suffered from permanent settlement and subsidence, you might need foundation repairs. The exact type of support you will need depends on the type of foundation that you have and on the types of soils under your home.

The Pro-Lift System provides for a thorough analysis and offers three types of foundation supports so that the best choice can be made for your home.

The Pro-Lift System uses state-of-the-art technology to analyze the condition of your foundation. After preparing a scale diagram of your building foundation, noting all interior and exterior damage, sketching your floor plan, and taking an elevation survey of your foundation, your contractor will take the final step of preparing a contour diagram. With his drawings, damage notes, contour diagram, construction knowledge, and knowledge of your local soils, your contractor will make a recommendation for the most appropriate type of repair. Your contractor may recommend multi-walled steel pilings, concrete pilings with steel locking pins, or drilled piers. If interior supports are needed, your contractor can offer you a choice of installation through tunnels or through breakouts in your slab. By performing a complete analysis of your slab and then choosing the best type of support, your Pro-Lift contractor ensures you the highest quality repair.

DOWNLOAD: Pro-Lift Pile Foundation Repair PDF

The Pro-Lift System as a proven, powerful, and permanent solution for building foundation repairs has been accepted by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust. This means that, in addition to being backed by your contractor, your warranty will be backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust. If your contractor should cease to conduct business, the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust will honor your warranty. Not all foundation companies in the DFW area can offer the same warranty as Advanced Foundation Repair.

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