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Foundation Leaks & Foundation Heaving



Yes foundation leaks can be an issue. For very light items (relatively speaking) such as sidewalks and patios, heaving can be cause by a variety of factors.  Some of the most common are tree roots, pressure from adjacent structures, and expanding soils.  For heavier structures, such as houses and large buildings, expanding soils are always the cause of upward movement.



Foundation heaving refers to the upward movement of a foundation, sidewalk, or other structure.  



When a foundation heaves, it moves upwards.  The best way to identify heaving, is to do an elevation survey of your foundation, and then prepare a contour diagram.  In many cases, the contour diagram will produce information that can help in seeing where a have is and how high it is.  Circular domes over areas that have sewer or water lines under them are an excellent indicator for heaves.  



Take soils borings and determine how much potential upward movement remains. Identify sources of water that are driving the process, and cut them off.

  1. Plumbing: Check for and repair foundation leaks from plumbing lines, sewer lines, sprinkler lines, and pool lines.
  2. Soil Injection: If possible, employ soil injection / chemical injection to halt the heaving.
  3. Foundation Repair: If there is the potential for significant upward movement and the source of water can not be identified or cut off,perform mechanical foundation repair.
  4. Foundation Drainage: Ensure that water is draining away from your foundation.
  5. Gutters & Downspouts: Examine how water from the roof drains away from your foundation.
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Advanced is the only foundation repair company to offer a warranty against heaving.  Because each situation is unique, warranties vary according to the soil characteristics, the nature of the building, and the type of repair approved by the owner.  For details, please contact Advanced.


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Christopher Lorenzo
Christopher Lorenzo
19:36 06 Sep 17
I have had multiple good experiences with Advance Foundation Repair. They stand by their work and kept me informed at all times on the repairs. Post work service was good too. I am very satisfied with their workread more
Ruth Schuman
Ruth Schuman
19:56 05 Sep 17
Workers were very professional and hard working. They dug up around the house and put plants back to look nice. This company also has a trust to forever be able to redo warranted work.read more
Gwen Baumann
Gwen Baumann
02:30 11 Aug 17
I can't too highly recommend this company. I had work done of my foundation by another company several years ago. That work did not resolve the problem, and that company did not fix. Advanced was recommended to me by mother, who said they were the best in the business. I agree! They were polite, professional, charged reasonable prices, and did excellent work. They also have a strong guarantee that is backed by a trust. I can't imagine why you'd use any other company.read more
Linda Krizka
Linda Krizka
19:44 10 Jul 17
Advanced Foundation repair is the only way to go! The engineer, Eric was kind, helpful and informative! The crew under Haynard's watch was unbelievably considerate. The crew was in and out of our house for 5 days. Everyone of them were happy even in the 90 degree weather. They work hard and were very polite. If you saw my house now you would never even know they were here. They cleaned up every night and on the last day it looked like new! Very thankful to have been able to work with them.read more
Michael Francis
Michael Francis
00:48 29 Apr 17
Advanced recently performed our foundation repair and did a fantastic job! The job took four days and throughout the process, the workers were on time each day, were kind and courteous. They left our house clean each day and took great care in making my wife and newborn comfortable during the repair. They came back out to make adjustments, as was expected, and I am more than pleased with the results. Thanks to Juan Martinez, Miguel Mata and Ernesto Alvarato for doing everything I requested. I highly recommend Advanced Foundation Repair, they know what they are doing.read more
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