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What is Soil Injection Foundation Repair & How it Works

What is Soil Injection Foundation Repair? Why use Soil Injection for foundation repair? Advanced Foundation Repairs walks you through their soil injection system, showing you how it is an environmentally friendly and non-invasive way to


  • Foundation problems are caused when soils under foundations either swell up or shrink as they absorb or loss water.
  • Chemical injection is a process that is designed to reduce or eliminate the ability of the soil to shrink or swell as the water content changes.
  • Many times when chemicals are used, they are environmentally friendly.
  • This is what the equipment for a typical chemical injection job looks like.
  • You have a truck with two tanks containing the chemicals pumps hoses and reels on the truck and then the injection wand and the hoses coming off.
  • This is what a typical injection process looks like.
  • Men use the high pressured liquid in the wand to drive it down into the ground through hard patches.
  • We injection approximately a half a gallon to a gallon of liquid for every cubic foot of soil that we are treating.
  • One technician monitors the process son a gauge to keep track of the volumes being injected while the other drives the wand the wand down into the ground.
  • Once the chemical liquid has been injected into the ground the tops of the holes are sealed with polyurethane foam to hold the liquids in.
  • After the first round of injections we wait one or two days to allow the chemicals to soak into the soil and then come back to do a second round of injections.
  • The typical injection process takes two working days to complete and when it is finished you can’t even tell that we were there.
  • To find out if this process is right for your home, gives us a call at Advanced Foundation Repair.

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