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Hi I’m Fred Marshall, the owner of Advanced Foundation Repair.
I am here today to talk to you about Foundation Repair Piers and Advanced Foundation Repair.
Advanced traces its history back to Joseph Meeks Senior who was born in 1840.
By the time of the civil war Joseph and his family were building log homes here in Texas.
As the population grew, contractors were needed to move buildings.
At the turn of the 20th century Joseph Senior and his son Joseph Junior were moving buildings and doing commercial and home leveling.
Today Jimmy Meeks is the 5th generation of his family to run the business.
Advanced was here for you yesterday and we will be here for you tomorrow.
Over the decades the technology required to lift and level buildings has changed.
The steamed power engines and screw jacks used by Joseph Meeks have been replaced by compact, powerful hydraulic machines.
As new machines have been developed, so have a variety of new techniques.
Because each home is unique and because the soils underneath homes vary so much, Advanced has developed multiple repair technologies.
Today the patented Advanced Pro-Lift Foundation Repair System provides an array of solutions so precise that the proper technique can be used to repair your home.
Advanced currently uses a variety of multi-walled steel pilings, steel reinforced concrete pressed pilings, concrete drilled piers, helical pilings and custom designed solutions.
Because your home is your largest investment, Advanced guarantees the performance of its pilings with the life of your home.
The Texas Foundation Warranty Trust stands behind every warranty issued by Advanced.
Think of the trust as a pre-paid insurance policy that provides additional protection for you.
For companies that are not back by a warranty trust your work is only as good as the company’s balance sheet.
Advanced offers you a century of proven service, the most modern technology, all of the benefits of the patented Pro-Lift Foundation Repair System, the security of the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust and the commitment of dedicated team of professionals.

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