Water FoundationFoundation watering is an important part of overall home maintenance, especially in dry climates. When foundations dry out, they begin to crack and, if left unchecked, serious foundation issues can occur. However, over-watering your foundation can result in problems as well. In order to maintain a healthy foundation, read on for 3 tips for proper foundation watering.

Create a Watering Schedule

It is important to create a watering schedule so that your foundation maintains the most consistent level of moisture possible. In other words, you don’t want to wait until the soil is completely dry and then over-water in an attempt to compensate. A consistent watering schedule will ensure that your foundation has the appropriate amount of moisture at all times, both in dry and wet weather conditions.

Plan Around Seasons

In addition to creating a consistent watering schedule, it is also important to plan around the seasons. Drier conditions generally occur in the summer months, and wetter conditions in the winter. Although you want to maintain a consistent watering schedule, adjust it accordingly as the seasons change. For instance, set your irrigation system to run more frequently in the summer as opposed to during winter months. Foundation watering is not necessary during wetter periods.

Place Water Source Properly

Where you place your water source affects the amount of moisture the foundation receives. Place the water source close to the foundation so moisture migrate down to maintain a moisture curtain. This curtain of moisture (when maintained) will reduce moisture from being drawn out from under the home. Conversely, if you place your water source too far away from the foundation, watering is ineffective. If using a soaker hose or irrigation system, set 30 minutes for each watering instance. During dry periods we recommend 2-3 times per week. Foundation watering is a crucial part in overall home maintenance. With a consistent watering schedule, attention to seasonal changes, and proper placement of the water source, you can maintain the integrity of your foundation and your peace of mind. If you are concerned about any foundation issues, request a free quote from Advanced Foundation Repairs today.