Are you selling or buying a house? Then you’re probably wondering whether investing in a foundation repair is worth it. The answer is yes. While foundation repair adds value to your house, a busted foundation reduces your home value by up to 20%.

Let’s find out how foundation repair helps increase the overall value of a home.

  • Improves Structural Integrity

Since foundation repair enhances a building’s structural integrity, it prevents your home’s value from decreasing. Expansive soil often leads to foundation settlement and heave, affecting that precious structural integrity. These are the major causes of foundation failure and most foundation problems, as foundation settlements and heave can make a home unlivable.

  • Increases Cosmetic Value 

Home improvements like painting, remodeling, etc., can increase your home’s value on the market. However, if you have a failing foundation, big-budget remodels are useless because the same problems will resurface. Foundation repair helps to avoid repeated remodels and save money in the long run.

Advanced Foundation Repair has been serving the homeowners in Fort Worth and Dallas metro areas for more than a century. We offer complimentary inspections with certified inspectors providing recommendations. From drainage, root barriers, foundation watering, under-slab tunneling, and plumbing to foundation heaving and leak repair, we provide expert foundation repair services.

We also offer a transferable lifetime warranty. That means the lifetime warranty transfers to the next owner or inheritance, increasing your home resale value.

The Texas Foundation Warranty Trust has been in operation since January 1, 1993. The function of the Trust is to assume responsibility for a covered contractor’s warranty obligations if a contractor is unable to meet its warranty obligations. Claims against the Trust cannot be made unless a covered contractor has gone out of business. Currently, 6 contractors participate in the Trust’s programs. As of June 1, 2023, the Trust had net assets of approximately $1,350,000. The Trust provides financial backing to contractors that have demonstrated a superior commitment to quality and a dedication to financial stability.

For more information about the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust, visit their website:

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