Why Do Concrete Slabs Settle? You may have seen concrete slabs such as sidewalk sections sink and settle and wondered what caused it. The primary cause for sunken concrete is changes in the soil beneath the cement. When the soil underneath a concrete slab becomes compacted, dries and shrinks, or is washed out, concrete slabs can begin to settle and sink because of the empty space below the slab. The cement slabs will eventually crack, break, and settle, becoming uneven with surrounding slabs.

Other events such as shifting earth due to nearby construction or natural occurrences like earthquakes can also cause a concrete slab to settle and require concrete slab repairs.

Plumbing lines are commonly installed underneath concrete slabs. If plumbing installed beneath a slab should start to leak, it can cause washout, where the soil foundation beneath the concrete is washed away, leading to instability, concrete slab settlement and cracking. This situation often goes undetected until the concrete slabs above the plumbing lines become cracked.

Concrete Foundation Settlement

Concrete settlement is fairly common in homes and buildings across the United States. Possessing an understanding of the source of concrete slab settlement is important for knowing when concrete slab repairs are necessary. Concrete slab settlement can cause serious damage if it occurs in places that are directly related to the structure of a building. Keep an eye out for any uneven cement, cracking or shifting in your porch, basement, or any existing concrete around the exterior of your home. This could be an indication of shifting soils and should be evaluated by a professional.

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