When to Have Foundation RepairsFinding out when to have foundation repair is important. You might already notice a few cracks on your wall here or there, but you think they are nothing too big to worry about. Or perhaps you already know your home is in need of foundation repair but are unsure of where or when to begin. Whatever might be the case, you might wonder: When is the best time to get foundation repair?

Probably Winter

If your home is experiencing seasonal movement, we generally want to lift your home during the winter season. During this season your foundation is likely to be at its highest position: permitting us to do the least amount of lifting to get the home in proper position. Once completed, the repaired area will not move as before during the next dry season.

Possibly Summer

From June to August, we experience our most popular season for calls and questions about the immense amount of cracks appearing in homes. Due to the amount of dryness and lack of rain, new cracks begin to appear and existing cracks spread further, causing more damage to your home. You will start to see the changes in the functioning of your doors, windows, counter-tops, flooring, Sheetrock, and plenty more.

For Sure Right Now

The real answer is right now. Regardless of the time of the year, if you are experiencing foundation damages or even suspect that there is an issue, now is the time to look into getting it resolved. A quick call to Advanced Foundation Repair can resolve any concerns. Fixing your foundation is to improve its value and ultimately minimize the cost of repairs. The more problems you have, the more time and money will be required to fix the foundation on your house, apartment, or commercial property. Over time, the issues affecting your foundation will grow worse. By being proactive, you will ultimately save time, trouble and money.

To find out if you are in need of foundation repair, just contact Advanced Foundation Repair and ask us to evaluate your problems, plus get a free foundation inspection on your house or other property. We are a foundation company servicing the Dallas Motorplex for over 100 years with over 100,000 customers ranging from Dallas to Fort Worth, and even as far as El Paso. We will be more than happy to stop by your home and clear up any worries. When you need to have service, we are here to help, so call 214-333-0003 or scroll up for a quick and easy Free Inspection Request.