What Types of Foundation Repairs Can Advanced Foundation Complete?

The structure of your home or business may be your biggest investment. Unfortunately, over time the structure of homes and businesses can sustain various types of damages. One especially serious structural issue is too much foundation movement.

Residential Foundation Repairs

At Advanced Foundation Repair, we take on jobs whether they are large or small. As such, we are committed to providing wide-ranging residential foundation inspection and repair services. For example, most homes in the North Texas region of the state make use of concrete slab foundations. While these foundations are durable and strong, the clay soils that are found throughout much of this region can move a lot as moisture levels vary, and thus can dry out or become saturated with water. When this happens, slab foundations settle or heave upward. At Advanced Foundation Repair, one of our specialties is performing comprehensive repairs on damaged slab foundations. In addition, we also repair pier and beam foundations.

Commercial Foundation Repair

We don’t shy away from taking on larger foundation repair projects. As such, we are proud to provide professional grade services to businesses. People seek us out for foundation leveling, foundation stabilization, slab lifting, slab lowering, mudjacking, foundation underpinning, tunneling access, and foundation re-leveling. We carefully pre-plan and design all our projects in order to provide our clients with the greatest convenience, maximum level of quality and a reasonable price.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

In addition to slab, another popular foundation style is the pier and beam. This type of foundation uses special pilings or piers that rest upon compacted subsoil for support. These piers then support load-bearing beams that underlie the floors of structures. Over time, the wood materials often suffer moisture or termite damage. Similarly, the soil beneath the piers themselves may sometimes shift or subside. At Advanced Foundation Repair we quickly and properly address pier and beam foundation issues.

Foundation Stabilization

Certain types of soils are prone to the effects of external weather conditions. Clay is one such soil type, and foundations that are constructed on this base are also subject to substantial movement.  For over 100 years, homeowners have sought out Advanced Foundation Repair for foundation stabilization.  Foundation stabilization is one of many terms used for the general process of foundation repair. Foundation stabilization techniques, include:

  • Concrete Piling Installation
  • Steel Piling Installation
  • Cable Anchor Steel Piling
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Injection
  • Bracketed Piling Installation

There are several factors and conditions that go into taking care of damaged foundations. That said, taking care of such issues in a timely manner is a key consideration. Here at Advanced Foundation Repair, we stand ready to put our skills at your service. We offer free estimates for all our clients, and these estimates are accompanied by in-depth conversations, inspections, and a report for the recommended repair, if needed.

We offer transferable lifetime warranties that provide customers with additional peace in mind. We are happy to serve many communities throughout North Texas that include the greater Dallas and Fort Worth areas.  Individuals or businesses who wish to protect the value of their real estate investments are invited to contact us today for a complementary foundation inspection.