What Should I Expect After My Foundation Repair?Advanced Foundation Repair provides repair, drainage, and inspection services throughout the state of Texas. Foundation repair is one of our most popular services. Some property owners, however, are concerned about the effects the repair process will have on their property and land. This is especially true of homes with extensive degradation. What can homeowners expect after their foundation repair job is complete?

Cracked Drywall

The position of your foundation affects the entire structure of the building. When walls are not properly supported, the can sag and shift. When proper foundation alignment is restored, out-of-place walls are pushed back into place. This can cause visible cracks in your drywall.

Bulging, sagging, and cracking after foundation repair is usually little more than a cosmetic issue. If you have some handyman skills, you could easily repair them yourself. Of course, there’s always the option of using a licensed contractor to repair your damaged walls.

Damaged Floors

Since your floors sit nearly on top of the foundation, they often receive a great deal of damage. As the foundation shifts and settles, it drags whatever is on top right along with it. That includes your flooring.

If you have hardwood or tile floors, you may notice holes, bubbles, pits, or broken flooring material as your home adjusts to its new foundation. Use some leftover material to patch it up or call a flooring specialist.

Plumbing Problems

Moving foundations can pinch, crack, and block pipes that lead in and out of your home. At Advanced Foundation Repair, we resolve any plumbing problems we encounter during the foundation work. Therefore, our clients don’t experience many plumbing problems after repairs are complete.

Blemished Landscaping

Foundation repair requires digging. While technicians at Advanced Foundation Repair do their best to minimize the impact to your landscaping, you will notice a little damage to the area surrounding your home when repairs are complete.

The best way to minimize damage to your landscaping is to temporarily relocate plants and shrubbery near the home. Use pots to keep them safe. Once repairs are complete, you can put them back.

At Advanced Foundation Repair, we prioritize our customer’s experience. Our goal is to provide an efficient repair job with minimal influence on your life. Contact us for more information on foundation repairs in the state of Texas.