what happens after foundation repairWhat Happens After Foundation Repair on Your Home?

If you’ve had foundation repair work done on your home, you may find there’s still some work to be done to restore everything back to normal once the repair is completed.




Here are a few things you may discover once all the dust has settled:

  • Cracks in walls, ceilings and floors. Some of the damage you see could have been caused by your settling foundation prior to its repair, but there may also be a few new cracks that appear due to the repositioning of your home’s foundation. It’s not unusual for cosmetic blemishes to be visible even after your foundation has been restored. You may have to break out your drywall repair kit or hire someone to put make drywall and paint repairs.
  • Repair/Replace flooring. Most homeowners keep a few extra boards, tiles, or other flooring materials handy just in case. Floor damage is commonplace due to foundation settling and shifting. Use your extra flooring to patch up any broken pieces or uneven edges once your home’s foundation has been restored.
  • Exterior cracks in home. Just as with the interior of your home, you may discover cracks in the exterior. These will likely need to be repaired by a mason or brick repair service. Siding and wood trim can be repaired by a contractor, although it is possible to DIY if they are not major.
  • Plumbing issues. Plumbing is not very flexible, so if your foundation repair was extensive and involved a lot of lifting and/or shifting of your home’s structure, it is possible that some plumbing may have become damaged or fittings may have been dislodged. A post repair plumbing test may have been included with your foundation repair. This test often takes place within a day or two of completion of work. This test identifies whether or not a leak exists in supply or drain lines. A separate test is necessary to locate the leak.
  • As with any exterior work done on your home, if your garden is planted close to the house you may have to replace some plants. In addition, there will be digging and backfilling of dirt whenever foundation work is performed. You’ll want to pay attention to how high the dirt is piled against your foundation. If it covers the exterior cladding or brick, it should be removed, or you could begin to see problems with your exterior walls. Advanced Foundation Repair is often complimented for the way we clean up the work area after completion.

Advanced Foundation Repair Can Help

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