Main Causes of Foundation ProblemsThere are several things that can lead to foundation damage and require foundation repairs to be made to your home or place of business.

Some of the main causes of foundation damage include:

  • Uneven or insufficient support – There are several ways the soil around your home can cause foundation problems. A leading cause of foundation failure is soft, low density soil or improperly compacted soil beneath a home. If the soil beneath your home’s foundation isn’t compacted properly, it can lead to foundation damages.
  • Excess water in backfill soil – This is a real threat to the stability of your foundation, as the potential of expansive soils to swell is much greater than the shrinkage potential. Moisture from plumbing leaks, rainy weather, a high water table, or excess surface water can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation and raise the issue of foundation repairs.
  • Seasonal changes – Foundations rely on one common thing for stability, and that is good soil structure. If soil is too dry or too wet, foundation problems can arise. Seasonal changes can put excess pressure on your foundation as soil either dries out or becomes saturated. When this happens, a foundation can shift, which can lead to damages. The soil may be at or near its optimum moisture content when the foundation is built, but it may lose or gain enough moisture to cause the foundation to settle or heave.
  • Extreme weather conditions – Soil heaving or shifting due to a freeze and thaw cycle can cause damage to your home’s foundation that necessitates foundation repairs. Drought or monsoon conditions can also cause soil shifting due to expansion or contraction as a result of too much or not enough moisture in the soil.
  • Improper drainage – Improper drainage can be a major contributor to soil moisture gains that cause foundation problems. Water runoff should be directed away from a house through rainwater gutters, and downspouts should not discharge water too close to the foundation.
  • Inferior construction – Human error and poor quality materials can lead to foundation failure, as can inferior construction. The amount of steel in a home’s foundation can affect its structural integrity. The use of poor quality concrete can lead to a weak foundation, as well as not allowing the concrete to cure long enough. This can also make a foundation weaker and more likely to suffer from soil movement.
  • Tree root infiltration or transpiration – Trees that grow too close to your home can interfere with plumbing and cause leaks, creating excess moisture in the soil around your home’s foundation. Tree roots can draw moisture  from under your foundation. This can cause the soil to shrink away from the foundation, affecting the stability of your home’s foundation and leading to the need for foundation repairs.

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