Top 5 Reasons to Think About Foundation Repair in 2019Homeowners may give too little thought to the foundation of their house until a small problem becomes noticeable. A foundation inspection by an expert can identify small problems before they whittle away at the integrity of your home. Make 2019 the year you ensure your foundation is sound with a precise foundation assessment.

You can identify some signs of a settling foundation with an easy, visual inspection. Check for the following: uneven floors, cracks in interior or exterior walls, cracked or displaced moldings, doors and windows that stick, and cracked flooring. Other problems may need an expert’s eye.

Savvy homeowners are attentive to their foundations for the following reasons:

  • Poor drainage can lead to water damage. Water seepage can damage your foundation framing and flooring. These cracks make you more vulnerable to flooding and damage to your plumbing. In damp environments, mold is likely to form, which could become a health hazard. The cracks will grow worse over time, creating more potential for damage and becoming more expensive to repair.
  • The value of your home decreases if the foundation is in question. Buyers are leary of homes with foundation issues. Lenders are reluctant to loan to a buyer who wishes to purchase a home that has foundation problems. FHA and VA loans have specific guidelines and requirements for buyers of homes whose foundations do not pass inspection.
  • Waiting until next year will only worsen the problem and increase the expense of repair. If money is tight this year, do the math. It may be less expensive to take out a loan than try to pay for a foundation that has accumulated another year of damage. We have financing options available.
  • Repairing foundation problems keeps your energy costs lower. In-home heated or cooled air is lost through air leaking out of the small openings around doors and windows. Air can leak through walls, ceilings, and floors that are not tightly sealed.
  • Your yard may suffer along with your house. Erosion and uneven lawns can make your foundation unstable. This is often due to poor drainage, which foundation repair experts address. You should aim for a well-draining yard with no standing water to protect your home and its curb appeal.

Please contact us for a free, in-depth foundation inspection and consultation. Our foundation repairs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the warranty and do not expire if the home is sold. The warranty is simply transferred to the new owner.