Maintain Slab FoundationThe extreme weather and type of soil in Dallas and the surrounding areas can have an effect on your home’s foundation. The soils in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area vary from well drained sandy soil to highly expansive, corrosive, soils. As drought conditions dry out the soils around the perimeter of your home’s foundation it can cause the foundation to become uneven, since the soil in the center of the foundation remains moist. An uneven layer of soil beneath your foundation causes the weight of everything above ground that rests on that foundation to be unevenly distributed. This inequity can cause damage to the structural integrity of your home, resulting in cracks and other damage that can result in unstable – and therefore unsafe – conditions, leaving you looking for dependable professional slab foundation repair in Dallas.

 Tips How to Maintain a Slab Foundation in Dallas

What can you do to help maintain safe soil conditions on your property? We have some tips for you to maintain the health and strength of your slab foundation and help protect the integrity and structural strength of your home:

  • Maintain a Consistent Level of Moisture. It’s important to maintain a consistent level of moisture in the soil around your house to avoid uneven soil. When soil becomes saturated with water, it expands or swells. If the soil around the foundation is not kept at the same moisture level, it can dry out and shrink, causing shifting that could impact the strength and stability of your foundation, leading to cracks and other damage.
  • Proper Drainage. Drainage is key to soil stability, and there are steps homeowners can take such as making sure downspouts are directing water away from the home’s foundation, water is not pooling near the foundation, and the ground around the home is sloped away from the home to help with drainage.
  • Proper Placement of Trees. Trees with large root systems should never be planted close to the house. Tree roots that tunnel toward or beneath your home’s foundation can put pressure on the foundation walls and cause cracks. It is best to plant trees and large shrubbery close enough around the perimeter of the home to keep soil moisture levels consistent yet far enough away from the foundation to prevent roots from interfering with a slab foundation. If necessary, you can install a root barrier to help protect your foundation from tree root infiltration.
  • Maintain a Consistent Temperature Inside Your Home. Believe it or not, maintaining a steady temperature inside your home can help prevent expansion and contraction of the concrete foundation by preventing extreme swings in temperature.
  • Regularly Check Foundation and Plumbing. Seasonal temperature changes can affect not only your home’s foundation but the plumbing system, as well. Check both foundation and plumbing each season for any changes and keep a journal of any potential issues and the dates they were noted. If a problem progresses, contact a foundation repair professional for an evaluation to determine whether there is a serious issue or if the problem is just a cosmetic issue.


Why Us?

At Advanced Foundation Repair, we understand Texas weather and soil conditions and how they can potentially affect the integrity of your home’s foundation. We provide Texas homeowners with detailed, precise foundation inspections that identify any foundation issues. If we determine that there is a problem with your foundation, our Advanced Pro-Lift Technology can provide you with concrete slab foundation repair in Dallas to quickly and professionally eliminate any issues. Our easy payment and financing options make repairing your foundation affordable, and transferable lifetime warranties mean your foundation problems can be fixed for life. For the best customer service and top quality foundation repair, call Advanced Foundation Repair in Dallas today for your foundation issues.