Remove Guesswork from Foundation RepairOthers May Guess, An Advanced Foundation Inspection is Precise

The Advanced approach to inspection was developed and refined by 100 years of experience; including input from industry experts and structured engineers.

We do not provide a repair with a lifetime warranty on a guess. Instead, we solve problems with real data and a unique tool so we know exactly what needs to be repaired. We address what we see and measure. There is no guessing what could happen in the future as guessing may create a new problem.

Our first promise is sending in our best-trained inspectors to inspect and measure. We guarantee our inspectors are trained in proper analysis rather than simply selling a foundation repair.

Each inspector will arrive to your home ready to inspect the foundation and measure before making any confirmations. First, we learn your concerns, and note the symptoms you might see; whether they are a cracking wall, crooked door opening that will not close properly, leaning bricks, foundation cracks, drainage, or soil issues. Some issues might be related to the soil, landscaping, poor drainage, seasonal movement or leaks under the slab.

After making observations we go in and measure the outside and inside of your house to eliminate the guessing from the process. Simply guessing on some observations should make no concrete answers. Without the measurements and observations, no one knows exactly how much work may be needed.

Using our Unique Slope Map, your estimator considers slope and direction. They then calculate how great the changes are across your foundation. It literally takes the guesswork out of foundation. In addition to the best training, we routinely calibrate our equipment to assure the best possible measurements.

Customers often ask why a competitor recommended 20 pilings while we only propose 10. The answer is quite simple; our analysis is precise. They use their experience to “judge” what needs to be done. Advanced Foundation Repair offers you the precise measurements and actions needed to repair your home, IF any repair is needed.