It would be nice to have an online calculator that could give you a quick estimate for a foundation repair job in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But that’s not a calculation even the greatest supercomputer could perform without a physical inspection of your home.

Estimates for foundation repair vary widely because many foundation repair companies use their experience to guess how much work is required and some simply want to sell you as many pilings or piers as possible.

So the scope of work must first be correct before you can get true price comparison.

Advanced Foundation Repair recommendations are dictated by the precise tools we use to understand the data we collect.

There are a handful of companies are fully insured, use employed workers, manage installation quality, and will be here in 5, 10 or 20 years to honor their warranty. There are fewer companies who actually offer a true lifetime (most are limited), transferable warranty. The pricing between the companies is competitive.

And then there are the discount providers; buyers beware! They don’t charge enough to honor their many warranties in the long run. Five hundred such companies have gone out of business in north Texas alone in that last 25 years.

Only an on-site inspection can give a professional the information needed to identify the extent of foundation repairs your home may require. Inspectors will search for tell-tale signs of foundation problems, such as cracks in walls, ceilings or chimneys; sagging or heaving in the foundation; and leaks or pooling of water. They also will analyze the soil and moisture conditions.

A myriad of factors go into making appropriate foundation repairs, and no computer or reputable contractor can give you that estimate without fully understanding your situation.

While that may be frightening, you can rest assured that oftentimes foundation repairs are less costly than you expected. And secondly, a good, qualified contractor will give you a thorough estimate before starting work on your foundation repairs, so you should be able to budget for and absorb the cost.

Factors in Foundation Repairs

First, let’s look at the variety of factors that go into determining the cost of your foundation repair:

  • Your Home: The square footage of your home, whether it’s one story or two stories, whether it’s slab construction or pier & beam are the first factors that influence the cost of repair.
  • Your Soil: The type of soil may also effect the price of your foundation repairs. A quality foundation repair company will ensure that the issues that caused your need for repairs in the first place are addressed on a long-term basis.
  • The Extent of the Damage: Of course, the greater the damage, the higher the cost will be. If problems are caught early, repairs can be made more easily before other parts of the house suffer damage, meaning a less costly repair. Some companies “guess” what may happen in the future and increase the amount of work required. This approach can create more foundation problems that may not appear for some time. Advanced Foundation Repair only focuses on the current situation.
  • The Cause of the Damage: Evaluating why your foundation is shifting or sinking or heaving will be the prime factor in determining needed repairs. The primary cause normally is water — that fluid that sustains us but also has the power to cause great damage to our homes, including shifts that separate water and sewer lines, adding to your foundation’s woes. Figuring out how to keep water away from your foundation is a key component of any repair.

More important than getting three of four estimates is a precise analysis with list of repairs. Advanced is one of the few companies with this capability. A precise evaluation and a lifetime warranty you can count on is far more important than comparing three bids on price alone.

Some Cost Parameters

You can go into your project with some basic information about foundation repair costs.

According to Home Advisor, the 2018 average cost of a foundation repair in the Dallas area is $5,137, with typical repairs being in a range of $3,376 to $7,042. While these numbers are slightly higher than the national averages, they are on the low end for metropolitan areas across the United States.

The one fact about the cost of foundation repair that is indisputable is that the earlier a problem is addressed, the lower the cost of the repairs. So putting off a repair to your foundation when you notice a problem is not the wisest choice.

With more than 100 years of experience in commercial and residential foundation repair in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, our engineers know Texas soils and the issues they can cause for your foundation. Contact us for a free estimate on the best solution for your foundation issues.