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The city of Rockwall, TX is home to over 37,000 residents spread out across nearly 30 square miles of clay-ridden soil. The area has a very small percentage of natural water, but the rainy season brings moisture to the land each spring causing fluctuations within the clay structure. The properties of clay are such that it expands and contracts easily with moisture, and this can create a lot of issues for even the best-build foundations. Homes and businesses in the area are prone to foundation concerns, and Rockwall foundation repair is a commonly requested service. In order to combat foundation damage, it’s important to have your foundation inspected regularly to ensure that it remains structurally sound. This aids in the long life of your foundation, and can help you to catch smaller issues before they grow into full-blown problems.

There are four foundation types that are commonly used in the Rockwall area to support homes and businesses alike. These foundations are well-built, but should still be inspected annually to ensure that they are performing correctly. These foundations include:

  • Slab-On-Grade. Grade beams aligned in a criss-cross pattern
  • Reinforcement. Strengthened with steel or post-tensioned cables
  • Drilled Piers. Anchored deep into the earth to provide additional strength
  • Pier-and-Beam. Wood framing supported by concrete piers drilled into the earth.


Available Foundation Services in Rockwall, TX:

  1. Free Precise Inspection Including an Elevation Survey
  2. Trusted and Referred
  3. Drainage Evaluations
  4. Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  5. Warranty Backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust


Rockwall foundation repair and inspection services are our specialties at Advanced Foundation Repair, and our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help you maintain your foundation and prevent significant damage from occurring over time. We can help you identify any cracks or shifting that may put your foundation in danger, and work with you to find solutions that fit your individual needs. To schedule your Rockwall foundation repair or inspection service, complete the form below and let Advanced Foundation Repair handle the rest.