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The town of Flower Mound is centrally located 32 miles north of the city centers for Dallas and for Fort Worth, and is aptly named for its giant mound in the town’s center. Flower Mound boasts an extensive network of multi-use trails that enable outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature.  Below the town’s footprint lies 41.4 square miles of clay-heavy soil, which can cause typical foundations to crack due to fluctuation of the clay’s water content. Wet weather in the spring causes the clay to take on moisture, which means that your foundation will shift.  Dry weather in the summer will cause your foundation to settle.  For this reason, it’s important to have a Flower Mound foundation repair specialist complete a detailed review of your foundation on a regular basis to ensure that these small fluctuations don’t become larger problems.

Commonly, there are 3 common types of foundations found in the Flower Mound area. These foundations are constructed with the ability to tolerate some soil movement.  If movement is left unchecked, problems can result. These foundations include:

  • Slab-On-Grade. A concrete slab with grade beams aligned in a criss-cross pattern, all resting directly on the soil
  • Suspended Slab. A concrete slab with grade beams aligned in a criss-cross pattern with the slab suspended above the soil and on concrete piers
  • Pier-and-Beam. A concrete perimeter beam resting on the soil or drilled piers with the interior wood framing supported by drilled concrete piers. Pier and beam homes have crawl spaces that can be entered to access the house from below the floor.

Available Foundation Services in Flower Mound, TX:

  1. Free Precise Inspection Including an Elevation Survey
  2. Drainage Evaluations
  3. Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  4. Warranty Backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust


Advanced Foundation Repair aims to be your go-to for Flower Mound foundation repair. Our team understands that you need to be certain that your foundation is sound at all times, and our inspection and repair processes ensure that you remain protected. We’re dedicated to supporting our community with fast and efficient repairs that eliminate the need for costly, emergency intervention when disaster strikes. Book your Flower Mound foundation repair or inspection now by completing the form below.