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Positioned as an inner-ring suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Farmers Branch is a small community spanning across a humble 12 square miles of land with a high concentration of clay beneath the surface. Only 0.08% of Farmers Branch is water, but the area receives a healthy amount of rain during the spring months that can cause the clay base to expand and contract. This means that concrete foundations in the area are prone to cracking and shifting which can lead to significant damage and disruption if left unchecked. Farmers Branch foundation repair is a common service in the area and Advanced Foundation Repair supports the community by providing inspection services to help homeowners and business owners maintain their foundations and prevent avoidable damage from occurring.

Four types of foundations are commonly found in Farmers Branch, and though all of them are designed to withstand soil fluctuations as a result of moisture, each of these foundation types requires regular inspections and repairs to maintain their structural integrity. These foundations include:

  • Slab-On-Grade. Grade beams aligned in a criss-cross pattern
  • Reinforcement. Strengthened with steel or post-tensioned cables
  • Drilled Piers. Anchored deep into the earth to provide additional strength
  • Pier-and-Beam. Wood framing supported by concrete piers drilled into the earth.


Available Foundation Services in Farmers Branch, TX:

  1. Free Precise Inspection Including an Elevation Survey
  2. Trusted and Referred
  3. Drainage Evaluations
  4. Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  5. Warranty Backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust


We want to make sure that your home or business is protected when moisture begins to affect your foundation. Our team at Farmers Branch Advanced Foundation Repair. Contact is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to achieve peace of mind because nobody should have to worry constantly about their foundation. We provide Farmers Branch foundation repair and inspection services to help you catch potential problems before they occur, and resolve minor issues before they become larger and more destructive. To schedule your Farmers Branch foundation repair or inspection, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.