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Free Dallas Foundation Repair Quotes

With over 100 years experience in Dallas, Fort Worth and the DFW area, Advanced Dallas Foundation Repair estimates are free and backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust.

From the foundation up, Advanced offers foundation repair as well as plumbing, under slab tunneling and foundation inspections. Make sure to ask about our foundation repair financing options.

How Soils Effect Dallas Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair is all about the soils that homes rest on. Dallas homes rest on what is called Houston Black soils. What does this mean for the soil under your building or home? You are looking at expansive clay or more specifically calcareous clay.

It is how the clay responds to moisture that plays havoc with foundations. Texas clays expand and contract like a sponge. Clay exposed to water expands and then contracts as the water drains or evaporates away.

Dallas land generally is nearly level to moderately sloping uplands.  When the rains come, often water accumulates unevenly around the foundation. Uneven moisture levels push parts of foundations up, causing foundation damage.  The key to minimizing Foundation Repair problems is keeping moisture levels even around the foundation even.

How Advanced Can Help – 5 Top Foundation Drainage Methods

  1. Use gutters and downspouts to move water away.
  2. Install French Drains to drain where water accumulates.
  3. Add foundation drainage swales to move water down and away.
  4. Add breaks to landscaping borders to prevent water from pooling.
  5. Gently slope soil down and away from foundations so water moves away from the foundation.

Call us at 214-333-0003. Schedule a free estimate to see if you need foundation repairs.

When to Call Advanced – Signs of Foundation Problems

It is all about keeping things even. When parts of foundations move, it may be time to contact Advanced.  Check around your home for these signs:

Top Seven Signs of Foundation Problems:

  1. Cracks tiled or wood flooring
  2. Cracks in tiled walls and sheet rock
  3. Sheetrock separating in corners
  4. Doors sticking or not latching shut
  5. Windows sticking
  6. Cracks in the outside brick on a home
  7. A noticeable tilt in furniture, appliances and countertops

Call us at 214-333-0003. Schedule a free estimate to see if you need foundation repairs.


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