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How Arch Foundation Repair & DFW Area Realtors

Arch Foundation Repair dedicated foundation repair specialists bring DFW residential home owners and real estate agents customized solutions. From foundation maintenance plans to general and slab foundation repair solutions, repairs come with a lifetime transferable foundation repair warranty backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust. Ask about our financing options.

How Seasonal Changes Affect DFW Home Foundations

Anyone living in the DFW area knows that it can be the land of extremes, from very wet to drought, from blistering heat to icy storms. For a home foundation, these seasonal extremes can be a problem. The Dallas TX expansive clay soils expand and contract with the seasonal moisture changes. Unfortunately, that means your foundation will also move with the clay. Seasonal changes are unavoidable but there are preventative measures that can help.

  1. Avoid laying foundation during excessively moist seasons such as spring.
  2. DFW Install foundation watering systems so, during dry periods, even soil moisture levels can be maintained around the foundation. Contact Arch for help installing foundation watering systems.
  3. Even moisture levels are critical. Keep foundation landscaping to plants that will not pull water unevenly away from around the foundation.
  4. Plant large trees back from the home. It is amazing how much water a tree pulls up through its roots which can lead to uneven moisture levels around the foundation.

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Are Building Permits Needed for Fort Worth / Dallas TX Foundation Repairs?

Building codes vary greatly from one city or county to the next. Some work requires permits while other work does not. Arch Foundation Repair obtains necessary permits when one is required.

Not all cities or counties require building permits for foundation repair. Call the building office for your city or county for required permits. If a permit is required, Arch has it issued under Arch Foundation Repair. This way, if the Arch is responsible for the working passing inspection if inspections are required.

Pro-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair System

Pro-Lift Foundation Repair System

Arch uses the patented PRO-Lift foundation repair system is customized based on each home’s foundation needs.

Pro-lift steel pilings have between 1 to 3 steel walls. The number depends on how heavy the building is and where the piling is located.
In special circumstances where there is an unusual potential for upward movement, each steel piling can be bound together with a tension-steel cable. The cable ties the bottom of the piling to the top and allows the lower portions of the piling to act as an anchor and to resist uplift.

For truly extraordinary situations, steel pilings can be isolated from the active soils with flanged steel sections.

Each steel piling can be fitted with a variety of caps. For standard loads, a circular steel caps are used to support standard trapezoidal concrete blocks, while T caps are used to lift unusually heavy loads. But circular caps and T-caps can both be fitted to accept most tension cables. Finally, each piling is filled with concrete grout. The grout increases the load bearing capacity to each piling and literally cements the sections together.

Serving the DFW Metro Area

The Advanced Foundation Repair Dallas TX office services the Dallas metro areas. This includes surrounding cities: Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Plano, Grapevine, Denton, McKinney, Greenville, Terrell, Kauffman, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Alvarado, Mansfield, Flower Mound, Springtown, and Cedar Hill.