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How Arch Foundation Repair & DFW Area Realtors

Arch Foundation Repair dedicated foundation repair specialists bring DFW residential home owners and real estate agents customized solutions. From foundation maintenance plans to general and slab foundation repair solutions, repairs come with a lifetime transferable foundation repair warranty backed by the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust. Ask about our financing options.

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How Seasonal Changes Affect DFW Home Foundations

Dallas TX Home FoundationsAnyone living in the DFW area knows that it can be the land of extremes, from very wet to drought, from blistering heat to icy storms. For a home foundation, these seasonal extremes can be a problem. The Dallas TX expansive clay soils expand and contract with the seasonal moisture changes. Unfortunately, that means your foundation will also move with the clay. Seasonal changes are unavoidable but there are preventative measures that can help.

  1. Avoid laying foundation during excessively moist seasons such as spring.
  2. DFW Install foundation watering systems so during dry periods, even soil moisture levels can be maintained around the foundation. Contact Arch for help installing foundation watering systems.
  3. Even moisture levels are critical. Keep foundation landscaping to plants that will not pull water unevenly away from around the foundation.
  4. Plant large trees back from the home. It is amazing how much water a tree pulls up through its roots which can lead to uneven moisture levels around the foundation.

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Are Building Permits Needed for Fort Worth / Dallas TX Foundation Repairs?

Building codes vary greatly from one city or county to the next. Some work requires permits while other work does not. Arch Foundation Repair obtains necessary permits when one is required.

Not all cities or counties require building permits for foundation repair. Call the building office for your city or county for required permits. If a permit is required, Arch has it issued under Arch Foundation Repair. This way, if the Arch is responsible for the working passing inspection, if inspections are required.

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Pro-Lift Foundation Repair System

PRO-Lift Steel Pile Foundation Repair System

Arch uses the patented PRO-Lift foundation repair system is customized based on each home’s foundation needs.

  • Pro-lift steel pilings have between 1 to 3 steel walls. The number depends on how heavy the building is and where the piling is located.
  • In special circumstances where there is an unusual potential for upward movement, each steel piling can be bound together with a tension steel cable. The cable ties the bottom of the piling to the top and allows the lower portions of the piling to act as an anchor and to resist uplift.
  • For truly extraordinary situations, steel pilings can be isolated from the active soils with flanged steel sections.

Each steel piling can be fitted with a variety of caps. For standard loads a circular steel caps are used to support standard trapezoidal concrete blocks, while T caps are used to lift unusually heavy loads. But circular caps and T-caps can both be fitted to accept most tension cables. Finally, each piling is filled with concrete grout. The grout increases the load baring capacity to each piling and literally cements the sections together.

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We hired Arch Foundation repair services last month. The guys were very professional and did a great job. I’d recommend them highly. We couldn’t be more pleased...


Clay and the team at Arch Foundation were organized, professional, timely and kept their promises to be there on time and complete the work...



Serving the DFW Metro Area

The Advanced Foundation Repair Dallas TX office services the Dallas metro areas. This includes surrounding cities: Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Garland, Plano, Grapevine, Denton, McKinney, Greenville, Terrell, Kauffman, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Alvarado, Mansfield, Flower Mound, Springtown and Cedar Hill.


Google Reviews

Larissa Perez
20:24 13 Jun 18
I can't say enough good things about Advanced Foundation Repair. Their professionalism, care, attentiveness, and quality of work are superb. I had a full foundation lift so they were a part of our daily life for a few weeks. Brad Bertelsen is always easy to talk to and answered all my questions no matter what they were; everything from scheduling to how the equipment works. How pilings work don't affect the job that gets done and it took time from his schedule but he took the time to answer my questions. Betrice called to inform me of an update but I was not able to answer my phone at the time. She then sent a text to inform me of the update. I was able to respond to her text so we were able to proceed with the planning. I appreciated that extra effort. The excavation crew and the lifting crew were great. They are very hard workers and very courteous. Advanced Foundation made the process of LIFTING A HOUSE seem completely effortless. We were also able to stay in our house the entire time they worked on the foundation; including when they actually lifted our home. God forbid I ever need them in another home but if I do, they will be the only foundation company I use. Thank you Brad and Advanced Foundation for helping me protect my home.read more
Henry Nance
14:01 24 Apr 18
4/20/2018 I was very pleased with my experience. During the initial visit, Jim Moravec explained the problem and the solution. We discussed cost and I decided that my "cost/solution "ratio would be best served with Advanced Foundation Repair and a crew was out in a matter of days. The work went quickly and neatly. Alfonso and his crew seemed to know what they were doing and their cleanup exceeded my expectations. I have since referred a local property manager to Advanced and as far as I know she is satisfied with their work too.read more
Carl Nemec
16:23 21 Feb 18
The last few months I've noticed cracks in the corners and some interior doors aren't latching. We had foundation repair done in 2013 around the outside of the house. I was thinking we'd need a pier or two on the inside, because I thought the middle might be sagging. The company who did the work in 2013 had gone out of business, because the owner suffered some catastrophic illness (and is now working for a competitor). Advanced Foundation was the company my engineer co-worker used after extensive interviewing of local foundation companies. Eric Vineyard, the estimator, was prompt and courteous when he arrived 5 minutes before our 9am appt. He took measurements all around the inside and outside of the house and took elevation readings afterward. Good news for me: he found that the elevation difference was within tolerance and no work was needed. The company called two days before to remind me of the appointment and were courteous about it. Overall, it was a positive experience to have a gentleman in my house and to have a good company behind him. Thanks Eric and Advanced Foundation Repair.read more
Jim Bronson
22:33 17 Jan 18
I purchased my home on 10-18-16. Unfortunately, very shortly after my we moved in my wife went into hospice and died. I did not transfer my foundation warranty. I reached out to Advanced Foundation Repair and asked if they would allow me to transfer the warranty even though I was over a year past the deadline. Without argument they transferred the warranty. This is a compassionate family run company. I give them the highest possible recommendation. In addition to this, the repairs they made to my foundation have performed great, and the house has stayed perfectly level.read more
Margaret Adams
14:12 08 Jan 18
I am very impressed with the service I received. First, Eric explained in detail what would be done and how. Then the amount of needed lift was measured. In 3 of 19 holes that were dug it was necessary to go through concrete. The workers dug as deeply as 22 feet in order to reach bedrock. Concrete was replaced, as were shrubs. My yard was cleaned up nicely upon completion. I would recommend this company to anyone needing any work done.read more
Diana Stimax
00:23 08 Dec 17
We had problems with our foundation for a few years, with several cracks inside the house, on walls, garage floor, etc. They came to do an inspection and we were very happy with their professionalism and price for the value. We immediately set that up. They did exactly what they said they were going to do and more at no extra charge. They lifted the garage and put some piers, etc underneath, the final result was incredible. The cracks inside the house closed almost completely. They also have an excellent and transferable warranty.read more
sharon higginbotham
16:24 10 Nov 17
Took three different bids and Advanced Foundation Repair was my final choice. i have a 75 year old house that needed foundation repair and realignment. Ben showed up on time for our appointment and he explained the procedure as many times as I needed to understand, it was actually very simple. He was also available for me to call anytime, which I did on a couple of occasions. Techs were punctual, there was a supervisor on site almost every hour, they did a great job, respectful of the neighbors yards, cleaned up the yard after the work. I love my house again.read more
Christopher Lorenzo
19:36 06 Sep 17
I have had multiple good experiences with Advance Foundation Repair. They stand by their work and kept me informed at all times on the repairs. Post work service was good too. I am very satisfied with their workread more
Ruth Schuman
19:56 05 Sep 17
Workers were very professional and hard working. They dug up around the house and put plants back to look nice. This company also has a trust to forever be able to redo warranted work.read more
Gwen Baumann
02:30 11 Aug 17
I can't too highly recommend this company. I had work done of my foundation by another company several years ago. That work did not resolve the problem, and that company did not fix. Advanced was recommended to me by mother, who said they were the best in the business. I agree! They were polite, professional, charged reasonable prices, and did excellent work. They also have a strong guarantee that is backed by a trust. I can't imagine why you'd use any other company.read more
Linda Krizka
19:44 10 Jul 17
Advanced Foundation repair is the only way to go! The engineer, Eric was kind, helpful and informative! The crew under Haynard's watch was unbelievably considerate. The crew was in and out of our house for 5 days. Everyone of them were happy even in the 90 degree weather. They work hard and were very polite. If you saw my house now you would never even know they were here. They cleaned up every night and on the last day it looked like new! Very thankful to have been able to work with them.read more
Michael Francis
00:48 29 Apr 17
Advanced recently performed our foundation repair and did a fantastic job! The job took four days and throughout the process, the workers were on time each day, were kind and courteous. They left our house clean each day and took great care in making my wife and newborn comfortable during the repair. They came back out to make adjustments, as was expected, and I am more than pleased with the results. Thanks to Juan Martinez, Miguel Mata and Ernesto Alvarato for doing everything I requested. I highly recommend Advanced Foundation Repair, they know what they are doing.read more
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