Foundation Heaving

What types of foundation repair is needed for foundation heaving?

When reviewing foundation heaving, first Advanced determines whether or not Foundation Repairs is the answer.

Other less costly solutions may be the best path to take. In order to determine if mechanical foundation is required, first Advanced does a detailed review of your unique situation.

If mechanical foundation repairs are needed, it is generally necessary to lift the entire foundation off of the ground. Although there are exceptions to this rule, it is generally the approach that is required. When preparing to underpin and lift a foundation, Advanced evaluates the potential vertical rise, determining the uplift pressures and bearing capacity of the soil.

Advanced has designed and patented supports for use in the demanding environment of expansive soils that are still heaving. Our pilings have sufficient tensile strength to resist uplift pressures. In addition, pilings can be driven through the active zone and deep into the underlying stable soils. In cases where the active zone is underlain by rock, Advanced can use narrow diameter pilings that will be held in place by the dead loads placed on them.

Advanced has successfully repaired thousands of structures affected by heaving using its patented cable reinforced steel pilings.

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