You can trust Advanced Foundation Repair

Texans know they can trust Advanced Foundation Repair

A Solid Foundation

Texans know they can trust Advanced Foundation Repair.
Dallas/Fort Worth Business to Business Journal

by Jane Schreier Jones

Over the past 26 years, Garland Homeowner Bonnie Spicer has met with a multitude of contractors and repair firms about repairs to her house. According to Spicer, one company mis-measured her home and another company used a scare tactic to try to get her to sign.

According to Fred Marshall, CEO of Advanced Foundation Repair, such practices are, unfortunately, all too frequent in the foundation repair industry.

“Without a doubt, the only company that has earned my respect and my appreciation is Advanced Foundation Repair,” Spicer says. “The treated me well, did a fantastic job, and now I heartily recommend them to everyone.”

Marshall, who was a past president of the statewide Foundation Repair Association, began Advanced Foundation Repair in 1992. Since then, his business has doubled in size every 15 months, and the company now has four offices in Texas.

The reason for such phenomenal growth is simple, according to Marshall. “We serve Texas homeowners with honesty and quality workmanship,” he says. “We focus on what people need and only what they need.”

Texas is the single largest market for foundation repair in the United States. The state’s expansive soils act like a sponge, swelling and shrinking as they gain and lose water. A house and foundation move up and down and, when too much damage occurs, foundation repairs may be needed. Often, Marshall and his crews recommend a good watering system around the home. “People are surprised when I tell them that, ” Marshall chuckles. “They can’t believe a foundation repair company can be so honest.” When repair is necessary, Advanced Foundation Repair uses state-of-the-art techniques and materials to re-support a house’s foundation. Marshall has been granted one patent for foundation repairs, and has others pending. The company’s Web site provides detailed explanations and diagrams, plus Marshall and his crews make sure the homeowner understands exactly what needs to be done.

Advanced Foundation Repair gets more than 60 percent of its business from referrals. “Neighbors talk to neighbors, and friends talk to friends,” Marshall says. “I’m so proud that our reputation earns us new business every day.”

Advanced Foundation Repair doesn’t just give you a promise,” Marshall says. “We offer a lifetime warranty that’s transferable to every owner of the house. To make sure our foundation repair warranty will truly be there for our customers, we established the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust.” The Trust is now an independent company with Wells Fargo Bank serving as trustee.

“I have never met more straightforward people who did such excellent work,” says Spicer. “When their workers had to remove my shrubs to do the foundation repair, they put each one in a burlap bag. Then they had me approve the exact replacement of each shrub, to make sure it was facing the right way! Now, that’s attention to detail.

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