Tella Firma Reinforced Concrete Slabs Now in Austin

Tella Firma Reinforced Concrete Slabs Now in Austin

Austin Texas Homes Get the Latest Construction Industry Innovation, Tella Firma’s Suspended Reinforced Concrete Slab Technology

Tella Firma reinforced concrete technology updated – (United States, Dallas, Austin) June 22, 2011

Tella Firma™ added Austin, Texas as the latest city using Tella Firma’s suspended reinforced concrete slab. Advanced Foundation Repair (Advanced) is working with Pacesetter Homes on their latest communities. Pacesetter Homes now benefit from this latest innovation. Unlike traditional suspended reinforced concrete slabs, Tella Firma™ utilizes a totally exclusive method. They pour a flat slab on top of the ground. Then slabs are raised to a desired height above the ground. This isolates the foundation from future soil movement.

Tella Firma Reinforced Concrete

Is an exciting technology providing a more cost effective approach to building suspended slabs on expansive soils. According to Fred Marshall, the owner of Advanced, “I expect the Tella Firma™ suspended reinforced concrete slab technology to substantially reduce the need for future foundation repairs. Not only does the technology provide a cost effective way to build a suspended slab, but it also reduces the costs of lot development, the need for homeowner foundation maintenance (foundation watering), and warranty costs for home builders. This technology is a win/win for all parties”.

Pacesetter Homes began building in Austin in 2008 and now has 10 active communities. The newest community is Bell Farms, in Manor, Texas. Manor, which lies east of Austin in the SH130 corridor, is in an area with active soils. “An integral part of our reputation as an industry leader comes from our commitment to seek out and incorporate features that build maximum function and value into your home. We build our home designs on the belief that the most important inspiration behind your home should be you.” Pacesetter Homes

Ensuring stable new home foundations for Bell Farms, Pacesetter chose the state-of-the-art foundation design known as Tella Firma™. The patented Tella Firma™ suspended reinforced concrete slab design virtually eliminates the potential for future soils induced foundation movement by suspending foundations off of the ground.

Advanced Foundation Repair, a Texas based business, specializes in foundation repair through both preventive applications and repairs. Offering drainage solutions, root and moisture barriers, plumbing services, construction services, foundation maintenance programs and foundation repairs. Advanced provides residential and commercial building owners multi-tiered foundation and construction solutions.

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