What is Soil Injection and How it Works

What is Soil Injection and How it Works

What is Soil Injection Foundation Repair and How Does it Work It

Soil Injection and how it works – February 15, 2011 United States, Texas, Dallas

If you are looking for a cost effective foundation repair system, consider soil injection foundation repair. It is both a landscape friendly and an environmentally safe process. “There are environmentally friendly non-toxic, water soluble chemicals available such as potassium ions and ammonium salts. Make sure to ask your contractor what kinds of chemicals they are using and if they are environmentally friendly”, says Fred Marshall, owner of Advanced Foundation Repair.

When to Use

Foundation problems are caused when soils under foundations either swell up as they absorb water or shrink as they lose water. Soil injection foundation repair (chemical injection) is a process designed to reduce or eliminate the ability of the soil to shrink or swell as the water content changes.

Consider this technique when upward movement has started to affect a small area under the foundation. It is best used when uplift is less than 1.5 inches and has not yet extended more than 10 feet towards the interior of the building. It does not remove the upheaval but stops the upheaval from increasing and/or spreading.

The Process

There is very little equipment needed – a truck equipped with 2 tanks containing the chemicals, pumps, hoses and reels and the injection wand.

In most cases, for existing structures, injections are done around the perimeter of a foundation. If there are driveways, patios, decks, or other paved surfaces, ¾ inch diameter holes are drilled through the paving to reach the underlying soils.

Workers use high pressure through wands to drive liquid into the. Approximately half a gallon to a gallon of liquid is injected for each cubic foot of soil that is being treated.

One technician monitors the process on a gauge to keep track of the volumes being injected while the other drives the wand down into the ground. Injections are typically made on two days to improve the results. The typical injection process takes two working days to complete. When it is finished, you should not be able to see where the soil injection took place.

Advanced Foundation Repair is a Texas company offering foundation preventive applications and repairs. Fred Marshall, founder and owner, has found that by using irrigation systems, drainage solutions, root and moisture barriers, plumbing services, construction services, foundation maintenance programs and slab repairs, Advanced is able to provide residential and commercial building owners multi-tiered foundation and construction solutions.

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