New Senior Geologist Hired

Advanced Foundation Repair, LP and ARCH Foundation Repair, LP Hires a New Senior Geologist

(United States, Texas, Dallas) April, 9th, 2010.

James Schmidt, joins the staff of Advanced Foundation Repair and ARCH Foundation Repair as a senior geologist. Mr. Schmidt has three years of experience in the foundation repair business. Mr. Schmidt brings his extensive knowledge of the diverse soil types in the DFW area and their affects on home foundations.

When asked about the new hire Mr. Christian Anniboli, Sales Manager of Advanced Foundation Repair, stated, “James brings a rich knowledge of geotechnical expertise to our company. His knowledge will be instrumental in training our estimating team and improving their ability to provide homeowners a more complete understanding of their foundation problems.”

Schmidt received his Bachelors degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is also certified

by the State of Texas to teach secondary sciences that include physics, chemistry, geology, biology, and integrated physics and chemistry.

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