Home Construction Foundation System — Tella Firma

Home Construction Foundation System — Tella Firma

Revolutionizing the Home Construction Foundation Industry, Cost Effective Tella Firma Foundation System Virtually Eliminates Foundation Movement

A revolutionary home construction foundation system.

September 27, 2010.

Advanced Foundation Repair recently announced their partnership with Tella Firma. Under the agreement, Advanced Foundation has exclusive rights for several major Texas Metro areas along with the rights for other Texas regions to raise Tella Firms foundation systems for new home construction.

Tella Firma Foundation Systems

New Slab ConstructionTella Firma, a new foundation construction technology, is poised to revolutionize new home construction and the foundation industry. By reducing construction costs, builders now have a foundation system that virtually eliminates foundation movement. The goal is to all but eliminate the need for future foundation repairs.

Tony Childress, P.E., S.E., and Mike Kelly, P.E., of Childress Engineering Services, Inc. developed Tella Frima. Builders use this new technology for new home construction. Tella Firma’s engineered solution requires fewer materials. This reduces builders’ costs. Using only a shallow beam around the perimeter replaces interior stiffener beams. This in turn requires approximately 30% less concrete. It also provides for approximately 10% to 20% less piers than conventional slab-on-grade construction.

Slabs are poured on top of the ground. Once slabs are poured, Advanced Foundation Repair uses Tella Firma lifting mechanisms located over the piers, to raise slabs above the ground to desired heights.

New Technology in Use

Foundation Lifting SystemWith this existing new technology, Advanced Foundation Repair looks forward to growing their business in this new direction. “The patent approved Tella Firma process provides builders with a cost efficient way to avoid common structural problems with new slabs that lead to the need for costly foundation repairs.” Fred Marshall, the owner of Advanced Foundation Repair, stated, “Over time, I expect the Tella Firma system to save home builders millions of dollars per year in foundation repair costs. Homeowners have a new solution, sparing them the inconvenience and stresses associated with foundation repairs. We expect the use of the Tella Firma system to expand rapidly over the next several years.”

CES Engineering, Inc.

Foundation System DiagramCES Engineering, Inc. is an engineering and consulting group focusing on commercial and home construction foundation systems. With many years of experience in foundation systems, their design expertise also encompasses steel-and-wood framing designs. Clients get on-site inspections for new and existing structures. Identified problems get custom solutions while drafting professionals prepare professional drawings. All documentation for building permits are provided for construction from architectural plans to structural design and energy compliance reports.

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