Welcome Back Hernan Hernandez, Houston General Manager

Welcome Back Hernan Hernandez, Houston General Manager

Advanced Foundation Repair Welcomes Back Hernan Hernandez to the Houston Office

(United States, Houston, TX) January 7, 2013

Advanced Foundation Repair, a leading Texas foundation repair company for home and commercial property owners, is pleased to welcome back Hernan Hernandez as the general manager to its Houston office.

“Hernan is the best general manager our Houston office has ever had,” said Advanced Foundation Repairs owner, Fred Marshall. “We are glad to have him back.” Hernan brings with him 30 years experience in general construction management.

Advanced Foundation Repair offers home repairs from the foundation up including foundation repair, plumbing and general construction services. Advanced Foundation Repair has specialized in foundation repair needs of Texas homeowners for over 100 years. Advanced Foundation Repair specialists’ reputations for prompt and honest service assure customers reliable service. Find additional home owner DIY white papers through Advanced Foundation Repair’s at https://www.foundationrepairs.com.

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