Gutter Cleaning Gift

Gutter Cleaning Checklist for an Unforgettable Father’s Day Gift

Gutter Cleaning, a surprisingly welcomed gift.

Standard Father’s Day gifts such as another tie or aftershave may get pricey. Dad’s will sing the praises of whomever does their chores such as gutter cleaning.

“Don’t laugh,” says Fred Marshall from Advanced Foundation Repair. “After years of listening to my Dad mutter and sputter his way through gutter cleaning then having to do it myself, it is a gift I would graciously receive.”

Where do to start? Take advantage of the coolest part of the day preferably do this in the morning as early as the light will allow. Pick a day with little to no wind, no rain and definitely no lightning.

Get the gutter cleaning tools ready and waiting:

  • Step ladder – use where possible.
  • Extension Ladder – don’t lean on downspouts or gutters as it cause gutters and downspouts to break away from building or get dented and crushed because they are not as strong as pipes so treat them gently.
  • Gloves to protect hands.
  • Bucket that can be placed on ladder leaving hands free.
  • Small garden trowel to scoop out debris.
  • Hose to flush gutters and downspouts clean.
  • Straightened out wire hanger to clean out clogged downspouts.

Getting Down to Business and Cleaning the Gutter

Use a step ladder where possible. Make sure it is not wobbly but steady and that it is not on soft ground that it can sink into as one starts to climb up. Make sure gloves are on.
Put the trowel and bucket on the ladder before climbing up. Once up the ladder, get the trowel and scoop debris out of the gutter. Place the debris into the bucket. Move the ladder as along the gutter.
Don’t hang over the ladder as one can easily loose balance or tip the ladder and fall. Soak hardened dirt and clay this are in the gutter with water from the hose. When softened, remove.

Cleaning Clogged Downspouts

Cleaning the gutter is not enough if the downspouts are clogged. Bring a hose up the ladder.
Run the water gently down the downspouts. Your don’t need Niagara Falls. Gutters and downspouts are not as strong as house pipes and need to be treated gently. While the water is flowing down, climb down the ladder and see if it is flowing evenly through the end of the downspout. If it isn’t flowing freely or if it is backing back up into the gutter above, clogged downspouts will need to be cleaned.
Use an unbent close hanger to “gently” push it up from the base of the downspout or down from the top of the downspout where it meets with the gutter. If the hanger doesn’t reach the blockage, use a plumbers snake then “gently” push against the clog to work it loose. “Gently” flush the downspout clean with the water from the hose.

Install Gutter Guards Now

For a few extra dollars give Dad an even bigger gift, gutter guards since gutter guard mesh starts for as little as $3 a roll. Find them at a local hardware store. Use sheers to cut the mesh. While wearing gloves, start at the end of the gutter. Tuck the mesh in and unroll and tuck so that the mesh is snug in the gutter as well as covering it completely. Over lay mesh at the end of the roll but not the end of the gutter. Cut the mesh at the end of the gutter or at corners. At the gutter corners, overlay mesh, complete covering the corner then at the end of the gutter tuck the end of the mesh down leaving no openings for leaves and sticks to get through.

More Gutter Cleaning Tips:

  • Make sure the ladder is steady.
  • Don’t rush time going up and down the ladder.
  • Don’t over reach away from the ladder. This can cause the ladder to tip and one to fall.
  • Don’t grab the gutters for support. Remember they are a fragile.
  • While flushing gutters clean, make note of any leaks.
  • Wear gloves.
  • If using a bucket, people should don’t hang on to it as it may throw the balance off and causing them to fall.
  • Don’t put the bucket on the roof as it may fall off about the time it is full of grunge.

Clogged Gutter Problems

Backed up gutters and clogged downspouts can cause damage to homes through erosion, watering seeping up under the roof or behind fascia and siding. With proper drainage, gutters help control water around a home. Keep the gutters clean. Industrious teens with savings may want to take a short cut and call a local company to clean the gutters.

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