Why Choose Advanced Foundation RepairFor more than a century, Advanced Foundation Repair has tackled the challenges posed by Texas soils using the best available technology. Our team, our customer for life approach and our decades of experience work in harmony to assure every job is done right. There is a reason why after hundreds of foundation companies have closed in north Texas alone, that Advanced Foundation Repair continues to grow and help thousands of more clients.

Advanced has built a strong reputation for customer service and ingenuity that is still the backbone of our business. Thousands of times we have been recommended to neighbors after experiencing our honest and detailed work.

We know what works best in Texas. Over the years, we mapped where each of our patented products work best, including small neighborhoods. So when we recommend a specific solution for your home, we do so with confidence. We know Texas soil. Our estimators know how soils and the moisture content of those soils influence your homes foundation. Our aim is not only to correct a foundation problem, but to also guide you to prevent future problems.

Advanced uses a propriety system called Pro-Lift that is backed with years of experience. Over the years we earned six product patents that are uniquely applied for each foundation we repair. The system employs the very best methods of design and engineering at every step of the process, including the most precise analysis of your home’s current condition.

Advanced has repaired thousands of Texas homes that the numbers keep growing. Homes are not the only structure benefiting from Advanced Foundation Repair. Advanced has been entrusted with everything from detached garages to a church with a six-story steeple.

With Advanced, you get 100 years of Texas soil experience combined with 100 years of technical know how.