How to Get Rid of Water Under My HouseHow to Get Rid of Water Under My Pier & Beam Home

It is important to keep your foundation dry and help water drain away from your foundation. If water collects beneath your foundation, it could present a health hazard, as standing water under your house can cause mold and mildew to form, along with foundation issues. Do you have an issue with water under your foundation? Proper drainage can be achieved by using any effective system designed to divert or direct water away from a foundation. Here are a few ways to eliminate water under your house:


  1. Install French Drains. A French drain is a trench that holds a perforated drain pipe surrounded by gravel. The pipe can be wrapped in a filtering fabric, or the entire trench can be lined with filter fabric. Usually, the trench is then covered with grass, making it virtually unnoticeable.
  2. Install a Moisture Barrier. Moisture barriers hinder or stop moisture from moving from one place to another. A moisture barrier is an impenetrable layer or membrane of waterproof material that prevents water and water vapor from collecting under your home. These barriers are used throughout construction to help control moisture levels around foundations.
  3. Install Area Drains. The purpose of an area drain is to remove excess surface water that can accumulate after a heavy rain. Area drains can be connected to guttered downspouts and sloped surface areas to help move water away from a foundation. These drains are connected to catch basins. Unlike the perforated French drains, area drains are solid and have no holes.
  4. Install Swales. Swales are simple, shallow drainage ditches that carry off water, and are usually the easiest drainage solution to install. A drainage swale is often so wide and so shallow that it may go undetected. If you still have standing water within 10 feet of your foundation more than an hour after rains stop, you may need a drainage solution.


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