Fixing a Sticking Door or Window

How to Fix a Sticking Door or WindowStuck, hard-to-open windows and doors can be a pain to live with.  They can also be a sign that the doors and windows in your home have misaligned gaps due to the accumulated moisture, perhaps indicating that you have an issue in your house settlement.  The windows and doors may be stuck in place, or tend to swing open after being shut and that can be a sign of more serious foundation problems.  Do not let the fright and frustration of the unknown trick you into paying at the first sign of trouble.

Before you start spending your hard-earned cash to fix your sticking doors or window frames, you should call for a FREE HOME INSPECTION done by the foundation repair professions at Advanced Foundation Repair.  An honest foundation repair contractor is not going to automatically push their most expensive solution at the first sight for a small cracked door.  Professionals know the truth is that many common signs of settling and aging in a home do not always require window or door foundation repair.  They will collect the data and share with you what is or is not happening.

Home Window & Door Repair

Why Do Windows and Doors Get Stuck?

The soil around your home expands when wet and shrinks as it dries – changing the amount of space surrounding your home’s foundation.  The constant change can cause your foundation to settle or heavy lift – creating structural problems.  As your home begins to settle, the foundation bends, causing the wood framing supported above to likely bend or twist.  With this pressure from below, openings for doors and windows become skewed making the door and windows hard to open.

If you are unsure if the stuck door or stuck windows are caused by your house settling, check for these other problem signs: uneven floors, drywall cracks, or gaps between the walls and floor.  If you have any of these other problems then you are probably having a sinking foundation.

Can I Fix Stuck Windows and Doors Myself?

Having cracked doors or windows can be caused primarily by two reasons: moisture problems or foundation repairs.  Differentiating the issue and resolution calls for the assistance of a profession.  There is no need to waste your hard-earned money fixing your sticking doors if the issue lies beneath the home.

For a FREE foundation repair consultation, contact the professionals at Advanced Foundation Repair, offering slab and foundation repairs throughout the DFW.  We can help get your doors and windows opening and closing easily again.