Maintaining GuttersMaintaining Your Gutters Can Help Prevent Foundation Damage

Proper foundation drainage starts with something relatively simple and easy to do – maintaining your home’s gutters and downspouts. Making sure your gutters are free from obstructions such as leaves, tree twigs and branches, dirt, and any other foreign objects that can potentially cause clogs and allow water to back up in the guttering system is the first step toward guaranteeing proper water drainage. Making sure that your home’s downspouts guide water away from the house is also critical to make certain that potentially hundreds of gallons of damaging water are carried away from your foundation. If your downspouts are too short, a downspout extension can be purchased inexpensively at any home goods store or big box discount store in the hardware department. Your downspouts should extend at least five feet from your home’s foundation, and water should be able to flow unrestricted away from your house, preferably on a downward slope.

How Much Water Collects from My Roof When it Rains?

Have you ever wondered exactly how much water a heavy rainstorm can deposit on your roof? Every 1,000 square foot of house can collect .62 every time it rains an inch. In other words, if a 2,500 square foot roof gets two inches of rain during a rainstorm (2500 x .62 = 1,550 gallons per inch x 2 inches of rain = 3,100 gallons of water!) That’s equivalent to a 12″ round, above ground swimming pool spilling down around your house every time you get two inches of rain. Can you imagine the kind of damage that much water can do to your home and property? Proper foundation drainage will ensure that you prevent foundation damage from excess moisture.

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