How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?If you believe your home’s foundation needs repair, you may be wondering how involved the repair process is and how long it takes to make repairs to your foundation. Most foundation repairs can be done in just one to two days, however some may take up to seven days to complete, depending on the complexity of the problem, weather, equipment required, type of repair method, amount of excavation needed, and other factors.


When it comes to scheduling your foundation repairs, the time it takes to schedule your appointment depends on the time of year, as some months are slower than others. Normally, we can get to your foundation repairs within a few weeks, but during the busy season it could take longer. At Advanced Foundation Repair, we maintain a high standard when it comes to the quality of our work, and maintaining that standard is always our top priority.


Some things you can do to help move your home foundation repair project along are:

  • In affected areas, move furniture, wall decor, and plants to give workers room to operate without disturbing your personal items
  • Cover your furniture and home décor with blankets or tarps to protect it
  • Clear a path around the foundation for workers and equipment to move around freely
  • Keep pets and children away from the jobsite


Why Us?

At Advanced Foundation Repair, we provide precise professional foundation inspections performed by foundation experts with decades of experience with Texas homes to pinpoint any potential foundation problems – including the need for foundation repair – before they become major problems. With our cutting edge Advanced Pro-Lift Technology we can eliminate any issues that might compromise the safety of your foundation and your home. With transferable lifetime warranties and easy payment and financing options, we offer an affordable way to fix your foundation problems and give you a home that is safe and sound. For the very best in customer service and foundation repair for your home, call Advanced Foundation Repair in Dallas today.